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heath0920 3/19/2013 4:07:28 AM

An excellent ending episode in that it answered SOME questions while throwing branches out in other directions for the show to develop next season. Can Kiera trust Alec knowing that in the future he will strand her in the past? While the 2012 Alec may not be the same personality, he IS the same person. That will certainly strain their relationship and give the actors range to emote. With Kiera's magic trick as the building came down, I agree with you that the military advisor will be on the hunt to catch her using this forbidden tech again. Kagame leaving Sonya in charge will likewise change the dynamic of Liber8 and I too hope she doesn't kill her ex off as it only leads to interesting subplots there in the future. And lastly, Kiera proved she was willing to sleep with Kellog to manipulate him into getting what she wanted, so her devotion to her marriage vows aren't iron clad. (And we saw that her husband already had one affair with another woman). Will this lead her ton accept Carlos's advances and further complicate BOTH their lives? Plus, what would happen if she became pregnant in 2012 with parents from two different eras?

monkeyfoot 3/19/2013 8:04:28 AM

Great season ender! My only thought on that is I hope the show only goes one more season. This is a fantastic limited series idea like we are used to seeing in comics. But if it goes on for 5 or 6 seasons I fear they will be dragging it out and padding it way too much ala Lost.  I see the greatness in this season is that every episode was tight and fit perfectly into a puzzle. But you can't keep that sort of thing going if the series is open ended till the ratings go down.

I'm betting Sonya lets Travis live. He is too interesting a firecracker in their midst that can go off at any moment. It would be a dramatic storytelling waste for him to be gone.

I definitely think Jason is right about other time travelers about. It makes it more interesting.

Heath, the idea that she might become pregnant from Kellogg is a fascinating idea especially if its unexpected even to the Elder Alec.

Was the actor who played elder Julian the same as the younger? If so, that was a great make-up/CG job!

One thing that I guess bothers me is that through the whole season Kiera has never been the master of her own fate. She has all along been the puppet of Kagame and now Elder Alec. It certainly happens in real life but I think what makes a protagonist or hero character cool is that they take their own destiny in their hands to be good or do the right thing. Perhaps all the revelations will lead to our heroine taking her life in her own hands and realizing the the wise words from that other future warrior John Conner with the words, "There is no fate but what you make. The future is not set."

mellowdoux 3/19/2013 10:16:49 AM

 I agree. Some experiences are definitely, as you say, "worthing" of giving a chance...

raynardmuldrake 3/19/2013 3:21:52 PM

Well we have Rat Boy and the Cigarette Smoking man this season...will Mulder and Scully be in the next season?  Trust No One

blankczech 3/19/2013 11:05:37 PM

 Very interesting final episode...can't wait for season Monkeyfoot I hope the series continues to progress at the same pace and doesn't start s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g  to take advantage of good ratings.

One thing i like about this series is that the story is bigger than the interesting characters that populate it.

I disagree with monkeyfoot that Kiera has been a puppet of Kagame and future Alec.  Kagame may have outsmarted her...and Future Alec may be trying to manipulate her...but the fact that she would go back to the future to be with her son in a heartbeat  ( if she could) shows where her priorities are at (apparently he means the world to her).

Kellogg is one of Continuum's most interesting characters.  Still trying to figure out why he was sent back.  I don't think it was a mistake or a coincidence.  Kiera didn't use her feminine wiles to reacquire the stolen portion of the time travel device (though she may have thought she did).  Kellogg had no use for that thing (he's in no hurry to return to 2077). He may have taken it simply to entice her into that manuever. I wonder if Kellogg has really forgiven those responsible for the death of his sister Laura and if not, who he holds responsible.

Wonder if future Alec played a role in getting the suspicious special investigator off Kiera's back?

Can't picture Kiera and Carlos hooking up.  I think Carlos is Kiera's best friend and every guy knows that being a girl's best friend is the kiss of death when it comes to a relationship.  

I'm really interested in the message Old Alec sent to his younger self and whether or not it's as valuable as the info Blake Griffin is passing on to his younger self in the Kia Optima ads.



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