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lusiphur 1/23/2013 6:25:45 AM

 I think the waters will be muddied within the next couple of episodes (I hope).  Maybe Kiera experiencing life in 2012 will show her just what the Liber8 is fighting for.

As for the low parts of the episode, I'm giving it some leeway because, as is the usual with TV series, they are still in the character introduction phase.  Ater three or four episodes, we should get into the meat of the story.

So, I'm assuming the Alec from 2077 remembers Kiera from 2012 and made sure the time jump happened and she would be in the room.  Perhaps the actions of the Liber8 help facilitate the corporate takeover at least North America.

One thing I do like is the fact they actually are setting the series in Vancouver.  Billions of series over the past 20 years have been filmed there, but it seldom gets the credit.  Since the opening scene of episode 1, we know that in 2077 Vancouver is part of the North American Union(?).  

I've enjoyed the first couple of episodes and look forward to more.  I'll just wait until episode 7 or 8 to become overly critical of its shortcomings. Thanks for the review Chuck.  

monkeyfoot 1/23/2013 7:50:00 AM

I also enjoyed the episode in that it helped add more general plot advancement. And though I also agree that the first episodes of a series are often awkward as the writers and actors get into their grooves, I'm still getting that - I'm not sure what to call it , "emotional distance" from the main characters. I'm supposed to feel with her but I just can't identify with her. Perhaps its because of the way its directed or her acting.

I've seen this in other show made in Canada with mainly Canadian producers and writers and I wonder if its just the way they like to do drama. But this style doesn't let me "get into the show". I'm mainly enjoying it for the interesting idea of the show but not its execution. I'm not sure if I'm making sense in how I feel. I just think that if this show were being made by Americans in Canada, like Stargate SG-1 and BSG I'd really be more emotionally involved. Still, I will continue to watch.

blankczech 1/23/2013 9:46:43 AM

 I'll also continue to watch and I'm not sure why because I think Chuck Francisco's review is spot on.  Maybe I'm watching because the show has a certain style and pace that I'm comfortable with and I like the actors or perhaps it's refreshing to follow something that doesn't involve super heroes, vampires, werewolves or zombies (especially zombies).  I may just be looking for things to hold my attention until Game of Thrones returns.  I must say the show doesn't have the cheesy look of most SyFy series.  I wonder if Mania will continue to review it on a weekly basis if it never gets higher than a "C' grade or if Mania commenters pass on it.  I think the grade is justified but I'd like to see all movies and television offerings critiqued by Mania in the same way.  Let's face it...if this series was based on a comic book...and / or  had lots of cool / gross special effects, guys in spandex outfits, robots, monsters, or old musclehead actors...everyone would let  the flaws and predictability in the story / plot slide.

mellowdoux 1/23/2013 10:22:02 AM

 I agree.

It's nice to see that the character of Kellog was not played off as flakey...

rkngl 1/25/2013 11:06:41 AM

Since I have already seen most of the episodes (SPOILER WARNING), I can assure you all that most of your doubts will be slowly answered through the next episodes. The oppression of the future society is pervasive, people grow thinking the system is right and flawless - and even Kiera,as a cop, has a flash of how corrupt the future corporations are, but then noone cares about it so... she doesnt either. With time she will slowly loose all her tech, become more of a 21st century cop, while LIber8 guys leave the warrior path as soon as Kagame resumes his Leadership. Their ideals become muddled as LIber8 and Kiera interact in the 21st century, discovering that maybe none of them is right about anything, and all resistance is fuitile...

Still two episodes to see, and I am eager to find how it ends.

It is not one of the best series ever, but it makes you wonder how "ficcional" that story is, and how we may be in the path to become the 2077 society this show depicts.......

rkngl 1/27/2013 5:06:19 AM

 I just saw the last episode! Wow! I want the second season to start soon!!!



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