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monkeyfoot 7/8/2013 9:10:03 AM

Another great idea for an episode. Sci-fi stories or comics might deal with subjects such as the AI constructs like the Therapist but it is totally unique to TV SF and it was done great. It also comes across as completely plausible for her future time. The actor playing him, Alexandro Juliani, is one hard working Canadian actor. Anything shot in Vancouver he shows up in sooner or later. Stargate SG-1, BSG, Smallville. I saw Man Of Steel again this weekend and realized he was in there too. 

My guess on Escher is that he is actually Alec's father. We saw the Alec's memory of him as a child and the actors have a similar look.

I've always had an ambivalence to Rachel Nicol's performance in the show. Her cold cop persona and her overwhelmed wife & mother acting always seem, I don't know, overwrought I guess. but I've come to expect it. This time though it was a bit too much. I understand what she was trying to portrayed but it feels ham fisted to me. Whenever she starts crying its just a tidalwave.

blankczech 7/8/2013 10:06:43 AM paid to see MOS more than once?? You truly are a Maniac. They made me turn in my Mania card because I haven't seen it yet.

My only complaint with Continuum (beyond Keira's weekly crying jags) is that they don't give us enough from the year 2077. I imagine when all those Liber8 folks and Keira vaporized it created quite a sh*t storm. I'd be curious to see the reaction of the "totalitarian corporate dictatorship," and how old Alec handles it. Heck I'd even find the effect this has had on Kiera's husband and son, interesting...

I have to keep reminding myself that Liber8 may actually be the good guys...if we got more on the Corporate Dictators of the future that might not be such a chore.

monkeyfoot 7/9/2013 6:28:23 AM

LOL, blankczech! Yes, I saw it twice because I liked it. Actually, I usually only see a movie once in the theater even if I enjoy it, but it was a long holiday weekend for me and Friday afternoon I found myself with nothing to do and it was blazing hot so I went where it was nice and cool and could see a movie I knew I liked. 

I agree that it would be cool to see more of the future time but I imagine that comes down to budget. You need more FX work to create the future city. But a cool idea would be to have a murder mystery take place in the future and the present and we see how events slowly begin to tie in with each other in some way.



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