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MrEvil 1/17/2013 3:45:52 PM

Let me be blunt - while I have seen many bad pilot episodes to genre series before, this one took the cake and smashed it flat. This is inept storytelling. To list:

*  No information about the future world everyone comes from, so why should I care?

*  No information on the Liber8 Group, but they pulled a World Trade Center, so I guess they must be automatically bad, right?

* We're supposed to side with Kiera, the show is exceptionally heavy-handed about that. But why should I? Because she's good looking and has a bad actor for a son?

* Two sidekicks, a cop and a cyberware genius - both trust Kiera almost right off the bat. Are they really that stupid?

If this show is trying to be complex and mysterious, it misses the mark and goes way into vague, cliched, and malformed plotting territory. It's rare that I want a show to die screaming. Alas, it sounds like it'll be around for awhile.  

Dodgyb2001 1/18/2013 2:07:57 PM

I think one of the key questions of the show is 'Should we side with Kiera?'. She comes from a future controlled by corporations which is surely bad, and while the rebels are 'the ends justify the means' guys, they are fighting against that happening. I think we'll see future episode where she and the people around her question the future she comes from.

The cops do trust her but they do get her credentials checked in later episodes, so they did think of that...

I think there's a lot more to the show than you're pushing MrEvil.

blankczech 1/19/2013 12:23:28 PM

 I found the first episode of Continuum to be mildly interesting in the beginning...but when it evolved into cops vs. the bad guys at the end I started to snooze.  I agree with everything Chuck said in the last three paragraphs of his review and those things may keep me from returning to this series. I highly doubt that we'll discover  the Liber8 Freedom Fighters are the guys we should be rooting for...not after watching one of them slit the throat of  a cop. 

On a brighter note...I kept the SyFy channel on after Continuum went off and watched the first episode of the third season of Lost Girl (which I think is another Canadian series).  It's the first time I've watched Lost Girl and I really enjoyed it.  It made me wonder if I could (or should) catch up on the past 2 seasons or just keep watching season 3.

karas1 1/21/2013 11:00:45 AM

Apparently the time travel was supposed to be 6 years in the past, not 60 (according to the dialogue) so some initial confusion among the Liber8 terrorists is to be expected.  One hopes that they come up with a better plan to change the future than commiting random acts of violence.  One would think that getting jobs at these evil corperations and sabotaging them from within would work better than murdering cops and robbing banks.

Killing Alec is the obvious step if his invention is the backbone of future technology.  I hope they address that in future episodes.

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