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monkeyfoot 2/12/2013 7:29:31 AM

At last! This was the best episode so far with the show showing all the promise that its premise can have. Not only does it use an intriguing time travel dilemma but puts in a new twist on it. From the death of Kellogg's grandmother(?) we see that time travel in this show will not have the "Terminator effect" of erasing a future person's existence. Exactly how it will work here I imagine will slowly unfold and I can't wait.

But most importantly for me is that I finally have developed feeling and empathy with our main character of Kiera. I loved the way she went into stern cop mode dealing with her grandmother as she realized she was the ultimate delinquent and then literally mothered her into opening up into the idea of actually being a mother. That and her future time scenes of dealing with her own pregnancy (loved the future tech way she found out) have caused Rachel Nicol's rendition of the character to start growing in my heart.

The only thing about her that didn't seem to fit was her coming up with the idea of using Kagame's own mother as a bargaining chip. Almost all of Kiera's detective work has been pretty standard so far and she seems to rarely operate outside the box. I don't think she was ever the standard action movie cop who gets yelled at by her captain for coming up with a crazy and violent solution that gets her put on desk duty.

I imagine that Kellogg's position of just profitng with his future knowledge has completely changed from these events. I would think he is now a loyal Team Kiera member and will do all in his power to destroy the ones who killed (or wanted to) his grandmother.

I also liked that we are beginning to show what effect Alec's stepfather and family will start to shape his viewpoint.

In the end this episode was all about family. How those ties shaped who you became and how it takes you forward to the decisions and the family you make after.

At long last I am not just watching this series as an interesting story exercise. Now I am into this show.

mellowdoux 2/12/2013 10:41:06 AM

 Am I the only one who finds Kellog a bit flakey?

blankczech 2/12/2013 11:03:42 AM

 I've been into this from the beginning and like the way it's progressing.  I guess I'm captivated with the time travel thing (hell, i even liked The Butterfly Effect).  Each week new things happen that make me wonder about how the show's creators theorize this premise / concept would work.  I'm capitivated by the characters and numerous subplots.  The series gets more and more thought provoking and unpredictable as it goes along.

rkngl 2/12/2013 2:17:04 PM

I don't want to say "I told you so", but... I told you so!

All the so-called 'plot holes' will be covered on the next episodes. I can assure you: the last one was (will be) fantastic. In it, everything will be revealed about their place in the great plan.



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