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Cooper Reveals Terrible GREEN LANTERN Voice


By Rob M. Worley     August 28, 2009
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Comics2Film: A new GREEN LANTERN candidate?
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 Bradley Coopers looks back at his 'Green Lantern' audition and laughs. Plus: Screenwriter talks 'Magdalena'. Screenwriters talk 'Surrogates'. Your 'Scott Pilgrim photo of the day and more! It doesn't speak the language. It holds no currency. It is your Comics2Film 9.8.28!




IGN is now posting details of their visit to the set of 'Whiteout'. It's like opening a time-capsule from 2007, which is when the movie filmed. Seems like only yesterday. We do wonder why the movie has been on ice for so long. I guess we'll find out on September 11, when it blows into theaters.



SURROGATES to Key Off of 21st Century Alienation

Screenwriters Michael Ferris and John Brancato told SCI FI Wire that the comic-based film 'Surrogates' toys with fears of modern audiences who are simultaneously connected to and isolated from one another by technology.

"I think that there is a general feeling that people have through interacting by e-mail and electric personae in place of Facebook and MySpace that there's kind of a cultural dissociation from the self that you have electronically, or some virtual form, and your real self," Ferris said. "There are so many ways in which we're not living direct lives with each other; people are working more online and telecommuting and only having friends that they call each other friends, though they've probably never met in person—and that experience is certainly out in the world now. I think that [our] ideas play on that and take that dissociation a few steps further, about your so-called real self and then a projected self, then it's just riffing on things that exist."

On  September 25th those tensions will play out on the big screen. Click through for more interesting insights.

What do you think, fellow Maniacs? We're all friends here, right? Virtual group hug? Comics2Film feels lonely.



Bryan Lee O'Malley's storyboards for SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD

Gratuitous SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD Photo of the Day

If you're a fan of the 'Scott Pilgrim' comics (which C2F has become in the past few weeks) then you might find last night's photo from Edgar Wright kind of cool. It's the storyboards for the film, drawn by creator Brian Lee O'Malley. Either that or it's just comic panels that Wright used as storyboards.

By the way, we just read through the first two volumes of the book. They're really good. It sort of feels like the movie 'Reality Bites' but with less self-serious angst and more inter-dimensional travel, unmotivated kung fu fights and video game power-ups.C2F recommends it!



Holly Brix talks MAGDALENA

The film version of Top Cow's sexy nun 'The Magdalena' is picking up steam. A year ago it attached cast members Jenna Dewan ('Step Up') and Luke Goss ('Hellboy II'). Last month 'Midnight Meat Train' director Ryûhei Kitamura came aboard, as did screenwriter Holly Brix ('Butterfly Effect 3').

MTV Splash Page interviewed Brix to get her state-of-the-nation on the project.

Brix says she's been prepping the script but hasn't started writing yet. She's read all the comics which feature many women who have held the mantle of The Magdalena, "but the one I found most compelling was Patience—her arc in becoming the Magdalena. We decided to focus the movie on her. It's the transfer of power from her mother's reign as the Magdalena to hers," Brix told MTV.

Brix said that the movie is similar to 'The DaVinci Code' only in that it is steeped in Catholic lore,  but at its heart the film will be "a really straightforward action movie. There's not a lot of secret codes to unlock and that sort of thing."

She hopes to have the script done in six weeks. Where 'The Magdalena'  goes from there remains to be seen.



Cooper Laughs at LANTERN Audition

What did you think when you heard Bradley Cooper was a contender for 'Green Lantern'? Did is seem cool? Interesting? Weird? Wrong?

Cooper appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Wednesday night. Excerpts from the chat are now on Hulu.

The actor (out promoting the film 'All About Steve') recounted his audition for the DC Superhero film and said he had a major problem when he tried to read for the part.

"I couldn't not do Christian Bale's 'Batman' when I was doing the audition," he said and then proceeds to demonstrate his poor-man's Bale that sunk the audition and turned it into a Saturday Night Live skit.

Watch and enjoy...




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hanso 8/28/2009 7:30:48 AM

Bradley Cooper was the bomb in The A Team yo!!!

Darkknight2280 8/28/2009 8:28:22 AM

I saw this live..was a funny story. He seemed to really want the role but was too nervous and the Batman voice was Looking forwar dto moore COOPER!

Wiseguy 8/28/2009 11:46:04 AM

I'm not. I never liked the guy going back to Alias. I thought he was going to be GL cause Reynolds was attached to Deadpool but I am glad he didn't get the role. Let him stick to comedy. His A-Team role is a bit comical so that suits him, superheroes? NO

I got a feeling Whiteout will blow, that's usually the reason for these release pushbacks

Magdalena? I have mixed feelings about this.

Still not excited for Scott Pilgrim

ginrai1984 8/28/2009 11:57:04 AM

i honestly don't see the point on having a magdalena movie if there isn't a (the)darkness movie tbh.and the darkness deserves a movie more than magdalena imo

kwsupes 8/28/2009 12:09:33 PM

After seeing this I think he might make a decent Flash. I know everyone wanted Reynolds to be Flash, but since he is now Hal Jordan how about Cooper as Barry Allen? Well or if you wanted to go another route, you know who is a little younger and is really funny what about Justin Timberlake as Wally West. I think he could totally pull this off.  Oh by the way Cooper is not Jordan the Batman voice wouldn't have worked for him.

Wiseguy 8/28/2009 12:23:06 PM

The Batman voice didn't work for Batman either. Bale just came across like a fool and Bats like a wannabe Clint Eastwood. FUCK YOU BALE

xenomorph 8/28/2009 1:25:37 PM

About the surrogates articale, of coures we don't interact face to face with one another. People are jerks. I mean, if mania were to have a convention and invite all of us to attend, the minute we all show up a huge fight will break out.

And stop talking about scott pilgrim. I really don't give a fuck about this movie.

SONYMANswallows 8/28/2009 2:14:38 PM

What should be the concern is why is reading in a dark voice?

Is that what Campbell wants for Hal Jordan? If so hell no.

Bale's voice worked as a confused metrosexual Batman who puts grade school crushes above of fighting evil, I guess Joel Schumacher was part of Dark Knight after all.

Bradley Cooper must be paying these Hollywood leading ladies alot to help him cover his gayness. Its an even trade. I think he should be proud of his sexuality and hook up with Greg Kinnear his soulmate or maybe Bryan Singer. I wonder if Renee Zellweger is really a Lesbian. She could be, I say that because she goes from pretty boy to pretty boy like a relationship arranged for the cast of High School Musical. Cooper can still play Gay Gardner the gay green Lantern.

Chopsaki 8/28/2009 2:38:12 PM

I liked the Batman movies but even I have to admit that Bales voice was stupid and even worse, distracting.

ponyboy76 8/28/2009 5:47:49 PM

Both Batman movies were awesome but I have to agree Bale's raspy Batman voice was off. I was watching TDK again on Blu-RAY and its just even worse with Surround sound. He must really like doing the voice because he used the same one for John Connor "WE ARE ALL DEAD!"

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