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Corddry wants in on THE BOYS


By Rob M. Worley     March 24, 2010
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Comics2Film: Rob Corddry and THE BOYS
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Corddry wants in on 'The Boys'. Plus: Munn reshoots her 'Iron Man 2 role. Smith considering 'Men in Black 3'. 'Scott Pilgrim' trailer to drop this week and more. Becoming by necessity a big fan of the browser loading spinner, it's your Comics2Film 10.3.24!



Smith mulls MEN IN BLACK III

Will Smith's next movie might be the somewhat-anticipated 'Men in Black III'. According to Variety, the actor is seriously considering a third go-round with the Sony franchise that helped make him a bankable name in Hollywood as one of two projects he may do next. The other is the 20th Century Fox fantasy-adventure 'The City That Sailed'.

While the (presumably) easy money of 'MiB3' may have some allure, Smith's company are the producers of 'City' and worked to set it up at Fox.

Neither Smith nor the studios commented on the report, but insiders say that Smith's certain to do one of the two projects next.



DEAD OF NIGHT Has Italian Distribution

Over at the 'Dead of Night' blog we Platinum Studios VP of Development Dan Forcey reports a few recent developments:

The producers saw the film and loved it. Had a few small changes, but nothing major. We’re now doing color correction and sound mixing.

We have secured an Italian distributor, but it will be up to them to announce the release date for the film. Domestic should be coming very soon and you won’t see a trailer until we have secured domestic.

Forcey also comments on the fact that he's been blogging less and less, due to the ugly tone of comments in the blog talk backs, including personal against him and his family from overzealous 'Dylan Dog' fans. He will, however, continue to post concrete news as it develops.



ADELE BLANC-SEC Music Recording Video

The French-language Premiere site has an exclusive video taking you behind the scenes of the recording of the title song for 'Adèle Blanc-Sec'. The lead actress (and former Meteo Girl) Louise Bourgoin sings the song.

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.




In other french-language movie news, our friend Antonello Blueberry reports that he saw 'Les Petit Nicolas' (or 'Little Nicolas' in English-speaking territories) , based on the illustrated children's book. He reports that "it's really nice and funny."

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



Cameron talks BATTLE ANGEL

SCI FI Wire chatted up director James Cameron (out promoting the home video release of 'Avatar') about his plans for 'Battle Angel'.

Cameron said the manga adaptation could end up utilizing more practical sets than his current blockbuster does.

"I sat down to write a scene so we could shoot a test the next day," Cameron said. "I thought, 'All right, what are the scenes in Battle Angel that are full CG scenes between two characters?' There weren't any, but I knew there were a couple in Avatar, a number of them. Battle Angel was more of a mix of CG characters in a live-action photographic world. There were a few full CG scenes but they weren't dialogue scenes, they were action scenes. Just the physical parameters of the movie kind of dictated that our test probably needs to be Avatar. Then when we did the test, we got all into Avatar."

Cameron also said he's not sure what his next project will be, adding the films 'Mars' and 'Dive' to 'Battle Angel' and the presumed 'Avatar' sequel.



Rob Corddry Wants To Be One of THE BOYS

The Flick Cast has an in-depth interview with comedian and actor Rob Corddry. The discussion mostly focuses on this week's comedy release 'Hot Tub Time Machine'. However, when asked what's next, Corddry expressed strong interest in a certain Garth Ennis/Darick Robertson comic series.

"I want to play a rock star, though I think I’m getting too old for that. I want to play a baseball player, and I want to play a super hero. I probably won’t get the chance to do any of that, except for the baseball player. I have a baseball player’s body," he said, before revealing, "I just read a script based on a comic book called 'The Boys', which is great, and I just loved it.

"I’m sure there are plenty of parts in there for 30-40 aged males, so hopefully there will be something."

The caustic comic is set in a world with superheroes, many all of whom are familiar analogues to existing Marvel, DC and independent characters. The title refers to an elite squad of operatives who are tasked with keeping the selfish, arrogant and often-times unruly super heroes in line.

The script for the film was written by Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay, who are currently out promoting their upcoming blockbuster 'Clash of the Titans'. MTV Splash Page sat down with the pair and got them talking about the comics adaptation.

"What we've come up with is something that is really, really faithful to the tone and the story of 'The Boys,' and... we're excited about it. This kind of take on superheroes is actually — despite the rough edges — much more accessible to people these days," Manfredi told MTV. "It's much more understood by even the non-fans [of comic books], because you've got movies like 'Iron Man' and 'The Dark Knight' where you have characters who are so flawed and yet they're heroes. So now you understand the concept of questioning who these heroes are."

MTV specifically asked about the first issue scene which introduces Wee Hughie to the readers, and The Boys to Wee Hughie. In it, we find Hughie, a sweet-natured Irish man enjoying a day out with the love of his life. They walk hand-in-hand and Hughie is horrified to suddenly find that the hand he's holding isn't attached to anything. See, battling super speedsters have accidentally collided with her, killing her while shearing her arm off.

"Actually, that one specifically is in there, yes," said Hay. "And I can also say with a lot of confidence at the moment that pretty much every signature scene that popped out at us — at least, as huge fans of the book — is represented in some fashion. And in many cases, they're represented in a very, very direct fashion."

Click through for the complete interview.



Munn Reshoots IRON MAN 2 Role

We all know that the lovely Olivia Munn has a bit part in 'Iron Man 2'. Munn now tells Complex Magazine (of which she graces this month's cover) that she recently had to re-shoot her scenes in the movie.

"As they started to edit they realized it was becoming darker than what they'd expected and what my scenes had allowed for. My parts were lighthearted and comedic," Munn said. "Jon Favreau called and was like, 'I've got good news and bad news: This is what's happening in editing but we all really like you.' Marvel and Jon had to add another character from the Marvel universe to keep me included."

Another character from the Marvel universe? Who might that be. Munn refused to divulge specifics but C2F is certainly intrigued.



The Case Against 3D for TRANSFORMERS 3, SPIDER-MAN 2012 has an interesting article about Hollywood's rush to put everything into 3D, and the skepticism that's coming from the likes of James Cameron and Michael Bay.

Bay has resisted pressure from Paramount and DreamWorks to film 'Transformers 3' in 3D. The complexity of the techniques he employs would prevent the use of of a true stereoscopic shoot. So instead the studios are talking about converting the movie.

"I shoot complicated stuff, I put real elements into action scenes and honestly, I am not sold right now on the conversion process," Bay told Deadline. "I am trying to be sold, and some companies are still working on the shots I gave them. Right now, it looks like fake 3D, with layers that are very apparent. You go to the screening room, you are hoping to be thrilled, and you’re thinking, 'huh, this kind of sucks.' People can say whatever they want about my movies, but they are technically precise, and if this isn’t going to be excellent, I don’t want to do it. And it is my choice."

Meanwhile, James Cameron said Sony may be making a mistake in steering 'Spider-Man' director Marc Webb towards a 3D movie. While Cameron is happy to avail himself to directors who want to try to harness the technology he recalls Hollywood churning out a lot of bad CGI films after the success of 'Toy Story.'

"This is another example of Hollywood getting it wrong," Cameron said. "Sony says, 'we’re doing Spider-Man in 3D.' The director doesn’t say, 'Hey, I want to make the movie in 3D.' The studio says, 'You want to direct this movie? You’re doing it in 3D, motherfucker!' That’s not how it should be.

"I’ve tried for the last seven years to get filmmakers excited, and they all hung back while Pixar and DreamWorks did animation and me and a couple others did live action. We prove the point, and now filmmakers are being told to make their movies in 3D."

Click through for more commentary and analysis

Thanks to middlerealm for the submission.



Millar gives WANTED 2

Mark Millar chatted with MTV Splash Page about the ever-changing plans for 'Wanted 2'. The sequel was being developed with a plan to include Angelina Jolie's character. However, the actress recently bailed out on the property.

"What they're talking about is just moving on with the story and doing it properly," he said. "Just bringing in another cool character as this world opens up with all the different fraternities out there all across the world. This could change at any moment, but the last I heard two weeks ago, was that was the plan moving forward."




C2F is starting to get kinda angry with Mr. Edgar Wright. We've been pretty excited about his comic-based rock, romance and fight movie 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' and anticipating the trailer for quite a while now.

Now Bleeding Cool reports that the trailer will hit theaters this week -- in the UK only. It'll be attached to prints of 'Kick-Ass', which is debuting there a few weeks ahead of its U.S. release.

Hopefully it'll officially go online on Friday as well.



Suck on IRON MAN 2 at 7-Eleven

If you're heading down to your local 7-Eleven for a Slurpee in the near future, you'll be able to order up a collectible 'Iron Man 2' container modeled on the likeness of the armored Avengers or War Machine. Superhero Hype has a first look at the cups.



IRON MAN 2/AC/DC Collectors Edition Album/DVD has the details on a Collector's Edition CD/DVD release of AC/DC's 'Iron Man 2' compilation album. The Collector's Edition features:

  • 5 classic AC/DC songs plus 50 minutes of videos including the brand new video for "Shoot to Thrill" featuring Iron Man 2 footage.
  • A 7 7/8" x 10 3/4" oversized foil-stamped 32 page hardcover book featuring liner notes by David Fricke; a Fold-out AC/DC POSTER and AC/DC STICKERS.
  • INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1 Variant Cover by John Romita, Jr.
  • Order from Marvel's online store and receive an exclusive limited-edition numbered 18"x24" lithograph by Stuart Immonen and Frank D'Armata! It's ONLY AVAILABLE WITH PURCHASE FROM THE "AC/DC: IRON MAN 2" STORE!

Click through to place your order.


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thecheckeredman 3/24/2010 8:38:17 AM

I'm very interested in SCOTT PILGRIM...I've picked up the first couple volumes from my local library and enjoyed them quite a bit.  It is totally goofy.  I like Michael Cera, but I'm not entirely sure he's the right choice for Scott...we'll see...

Calibur454 3/24/2010 9:05:07 AM

Hot Damn I'm getting stoked on THE BOYS... if what Corrdy is saying actually true The Boys will have a Hard R rating and Believe me folks that is a good thing. Not sure if Corrdy would be good for the movie but i already want to see a trailer for this one. I dont want to say I told you so but....I TOLD YOU SO

Good news on the Wanted front- I had a feeling they would turn into a similar direction for Wanted 2- I wonder who will play the love interest this time around.

I'm just sick of all the 3d stuff It should dissapear for a while- Lets say like a good 50 years

Cool Iron man 2 news. I normally download from I-tunes but it looks like I will buy this one off the shelves. The only movie soundtrack I want to hear about now will be the us release of KICK-ASS (hint hint Rob M Worley ) Hell I'll efven drive to a 7-eleven to snag a collectible War machine and Iron Man 2 slurpie cup. It may sound corny but why not go all out on a movie that will be the biggest  of the year.

Wiseguy 3/24/2010 10:22:08 AM

Wanted sucked so if they never make a sequel I won't mind and if they do I'll probably see it cause I'm a whore of the genre but I won't be going in expecting much

Cameron has to set everybody straight on 3D, do it right or don't do it at all. Clash of the Titans may serve as an example of doing it wrong. I read at marketsaw how underwhelming the conversion process turned out on some of that movie, too bad. Transformers would be awesome in I-Max 3D but if iot can't be done right skip it

I don't care for this Munn girl in Iron Man. I don't watch her show and by Hollywood standards I don't think shge's that good looking anyway. Let's just let her 15 minutes expire already

Okay after Rob hyping this Scott Pilgrim thing for the last 10 years I want to see the trailer to get an idea of wether or not it's going to live up to Rob's hype

I want Cameron to get busy on AVATAR 2 only once he is ready but then I want him right on top of Battle Angel. I'm dying to see what he's got planned for both. Do the Dive film first if you need to do something less technically challenging but don't wait 10 years

nightwingDG 3/24/2010 10:38:03 AM

Please let the Scott Pilgrim trailer go online friday. I need to see this.

The Boys, if like they said is faithful, will be great. Can't wait.

Wanted 2 will suck like the first.

I'm glad to hear the tone of Iron Man will be darker. I still don't think it's goig to live up to all you guys' expectations.

Spiderman - if Cameron says it shouldn't be in 3D then I think Sony should listen.

jfdavis 3/24/2010 10:47:26 AM

Rumor has it, Munn is Scarlet Witch which would be awesome but as another site pointed out there are a couple thousand Marvel characters she could be.  Given Tony dated Julia "Spiderwoman" Carpenter, she could be Jessica "Spiderwoman" Drew.  (OK, maybe that logic isn't straightforward but eh...) Oh! Wasn't the pre-mutated Tigra a brunette?  Yeah, I know the role doesn't have to be a brunette but there are enough to choose from...

DarthDuck 3/24/2010 10:53:30 AM

I forgot Iron Man 2 can't be perfect....Munn is in it.

Wiseguy 3/24/2010 11:08:22 AM

Munn can't be Scarlett Witch because she's part of the X-Men family therefore belongs to Fox

I read speculation that she was the voice of War Machine's armor. But if they're saying that she needs to reshoot scenes that obviously sounds like it's wrong. Guess we'll know in 44 days

jfdavis 3/24/2010 12:03:40 PM

That's a sad fact. Wanda appears in the X-men cartoons a lot but she really hasn't in the X-books since her intro in the '60's.  And unless Fox uses the character in First Class, I can't see them doing so.  At least not recognisibly...

nightwingDG 3/24/2010 12:59:51 PM

Please let the Scott Pilgrim trailer go online friday. I need to see this.

The Boys, if like they said is faithful, will be great. Can't wait.

Wanted 2 will suck like the first.

I'm glad to hear the tone of Iron Man will be darker. I still don't think it's goig to live up to all you guys' expectations.

Spiderman - if Cameron says it shouldn't be in 3D then I think Sony should listen.

monelonmonday 3/24/2010 2:38:52 PM

 munn not good looking??  uh  ok sure,but x-men or not when i think scarlet witch its definately in an avengers context,marvel /disney needs to get on the ball with character assignments.anyways munn could be janet pym with the new marvel addition being hank

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