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Mania Grade: A

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  • Art Rating: A
  • Packaging Rating: A-
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B
  • Age Rating: 18 & Up
  • Released By: Icarus Publishing
  • MSRP: 19.95
  • Pages: 186
  • ISBN: 1-934075-04-3
  • Size: A5
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Council of Carnality Unlimited Vol. #01

By Eduardo M. Chavez     February 05, 2007
Release Date: December 01, 2006

Council of Carnality Unlimited Vol.#01
© Icarus Publishing

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Yanagi Yuki
Translated by:N/A
Adapted by:N/A

What They Say
Have you ever thought that even though she may have an angelic face, she has dark perverted thoughts and desires in her wonderful and pretty head?

Could you ever imagine that amid all of her interests that sex may be at the very top, prevailing in her mind when she eats... or sleeps... dreaming of being assfucked or being in a gangbang, having anal and oral sex simultaneously...

The Review
This is one good looking book from start to finish. LetÂfs start with the cover. Icarus keeps the original cover design, featuring main character Asuka partially wearing her school uniform on this large A5 sized book. The opposite cover has the other five female members of the cast (no sight of the lead male). The Japanese title in romaji is also on the back cover.

Inside the print is solid all the way through. Lines are clean and the inking is solid as well. No color pages (not sure if the Akane Shinsha version had them) but the CG pages looked pretty good in BW also.

At the end of the book Icarus includes the original ato-gaki in Japanese and then translates it on its own page. They also translated a 4-koma strip from the mangaka were she discusses her fascination with cats! Icarus provides a glossary of honorific terms and a pronunciation guide in case you cannot pronounce Umehara.

Actually Yukiyanagi-sensei seems to have a great time showing of the girls either only wearing ties or having their bosoms popping out of their clean white buttoned up shirts. The girls themselves seem to have a mild Capcom influence. Main character Asuka looks very similar to Ibuki from SFIII. Wonderful strong thighs and as seen on the cover very ample breasts that look as youthful and spunky as the face they accompany. Rival character Sakurako is a mirror-image of Karin from SFZ3. She is the quintessential ohime-sama character. Her body is pretty boom-boom as well, but it is that face and her hair that really makes her character. Meganekko Umehara is petite but perfect! Her proportions do not threaten any of her classmates but there is something to be said about items in small sizes. Add to that twins Rindou and Kikyou, and you have a harem dream!!

Yukiyanagi is able to position his characters in very fun ways. I found it intriguing that Yukiyanagi was able to show a good amount of variety with the fetishes presented ÂEexhibition, SM and role-playing. And somehow the mangaka was still able to keep the sex rather tame. No anal, no excessive fluids or violent bondage to be seen here and yet still very exciting. SHOCK!! Panels are laid out in away that gives readers a good look at the action. At the same time, each chapter has a slightly different theme (some more romantic and others more comedic) so through the layout Yuki is able to set a tone for how the mood will go. Very effective and as said earlier very good looking.

I have to knock off a couple points here because of the lack of SFX translations. Action titles, comedy series and ero-manga must have their SFX translated. Experiencing the sounds along with the sights enhances the read and makes it more ummÂc Titillating. I would have at least translated the FX that were in text bubbles. I mean it was like those organs were talking and I could not hear them!!

The rest of the translation was great. Icarus kept the honorifics, which helped define the roles of the cast better. They also do a good job distinguishing the various personalities of this medium sized cast. Overall a good fun read that did not distract from the good stuff.

Contents: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
Shimizu Asuka has a lot on her mind lately. She is a grade A student, top athlete and member of the student council. You would think that school would keep her busy enough but she has something else that is occupying her thoughts. Asuka like many kids her age has sex on the brain. She thinks about it so much now it is impacting her schoolwork. Asuka has an image to keep up but isn't it a shame she cannot do anything it at school. Or can she?!

What Asuka soon finds out is that there are others in the student body who share her feelings. There are actually students and faculty who would love to help her out with that. And soon begins an exciting series of student council meetings with some cute kohai and some hot moments with rival classmates.

Asuka's new student council not only handles school affairs but it also takes care of personal needs of the student body. Asuka's needs are particularly of concern to them. At times you might wonder if she is using her authority as Student Council President for personal reasons. She uses and abuses her subordinates during class and after school. She forces some of the other students to participate in extra-curricular activities.

However, if you look at the same scenes from Asuka's perspective you might have a different idea about what the Prez was up to. She might think she was giving her kohai a chance to get personal with her. She was teaching them the human sciences. Maybe she was trying to help her classmates overcome their fears with communication. Maybe she was just trying to help resolve conflict with uppity sports gangs.

Asuka is providing a service to her school. Now if she could only find a way to not have that service done at school??

Over the last year, I have had a chance to get back into ero-manga through Icarus and while I have run into some good shorts along the way, I cannot say I have read a great book from the publisher yet. That has changed with Council. For me ero-manga is 80% art and fantasy 20% writing. When looking for ero-manga I mainly look for the moe I gravitate to. IcarusÂes library has a fetishes for every flavor out there; so finding something that suits a specific reader is not hard. But until I ran into Council I was not sure if I was going to really enjoy their books from start to finish.

Council starts off like a dream and ends like a dream come true. This is a title that while not restricted to a plot like mainstream titles, is pretty tight and organized in between. The two leads are introduced in the first five pages and from that point on Yuki-sensei takes them on one wild-ride after another. The sex-capades cover almost every inch of campus bringing in more classmates, each one representing a different manga moe, along the way. And those details, particularly the range of fetish shown, that make this a great book. The different types of characters; the different fetishes covered and a good balance of ero-comedy were all present. With all the intercourse, I almost forgot that a sweet romance had developed. And that was just what I wanted. A story with my sex! Good looking sex scenes could be found in practically every eros title. In this tale, the characters discover friendships through those tender moments only shared in the student council room (or the restroom, roof top, locker room, sports shedÂc). The little things make a big difference!

Aesthetically this book is right down my wheelhouse. The art is extremely clean and work well in color as BW. The character designs are just delicious. If you are into gakuen designs Yuki's designs look great in various levels of undress. The sex is hot and there is a good amount of variety as far as fetishes go as well. There is something for everyone and I appreciated them all.

Finding an ero-manga with a plot (even one as thin as this one) is tough even in Japan. Knowing that Icarus has brought one over with a good sense of continuity, romance and great art makes this book a must buy for ero-hon fans. If you are tired of ero-tanpeshu (short story collections) Council must be on top of your list. Well worth the price and well worth the wait.

Overall Hotness (1 to 5): 5:G-spot Rocker!!

Matt, can I give a book 6points??!!


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