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8/21/2008 1:42:47 PM permalink

That comic covers show you things that have nothing to do with the actual comic is an old cliche, but three specific comics came out this week, with really frustrating covers. In all three cases, the covers showed plot details from literally the last two pages of the books. This did a couple of things. For one, it set false expectations. In the case of JLA #24, it made me think that the comic was going to be about AnimalMan, and the aliens he battled/talked with back in Grant Morrison's run on the character. So I read the comic, and you know what? It's the last chapter in a big fight with that robot who can emulate superpowers, and no AnimalMan until the final 2 pages. So, what's the point of that? Why taunt us few AnimalMan fans? I'd love to see Dwayne McDuffie comment on Morrison's AnimalMan - but to then just get a confusing story about a fight with a robot? Frustrating.
The same went for the new Moon Knight, #21. There's a huge shot of Venom on the cover, looming over Moon Knight in the foreground, with the rest of the Thunderbolts in the background. So I'm like, "Moon Knight VS Venom? I'll check that action out." And you know how many pages of Moon Knight VS Venom we get in the issue? None. They show up on the last bloody page, as Moon Knight walks in to his apartment after a long hard adventure that I wasn't interested in. I was vaguely intrigued, don't ask me why, by Moon Knight VS Venom. The cover sold me. But the cover sold me a lie. The 3rd one really pissed me off, because not only did it set a false precedence, it totally blew the surprise ending. The 2nd issue of FOOLKILLER came out today, and I have to say, I've found this Foolkiller series, and the preceding one, surprisingly entertaining. I was very scornful of the idea and the depiction, but to actually just read the stories as they are, they're great. It's awesome urban vigilante action. Nasty, and over the top. I've really enjoyed what I've read.
So, Punisher's on the cover of Foolkiller #2, and he doesn't show up until the last page. And that sucks, right? Because I grabbed up that book eagerly, excited to see what was going to down. But then, here's the kicker - when the Punisher shows up? It's a cool, slightly mysterious reveal. It's a cool bit, and it makes you turn the page. But the effect of the well-timed surprise is completely blown by revealing the man in the shadows, on the cover. Of course it's the Punisher! He's on the front of the issue! There's no surprise! But to actually read the scene on it's own - it's a great bit of comic! So why ruin that by planting false expectations that ultimately make the reader feel as though they're being dicking around? Hey - all these comics I read? They were great. Well, Foolkiller was. The others weren't bad, I just wasn't interested in what they were about, I was interested in what their covers were about. I'm just saying, these weren't bad comics, and the covers weren't badly drawn. They were just poorly timed. These were all next month's covers. Maybe next month I'll get to read some comics about AnimalMan, and Moon Knight fighting Venom. Maybe.
Damn it - give me what I want to pay for and I'll pay you for it! But don't tell me one thing is another!

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