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BunyonSnipe 7/31/2011 5:38:42 PM

Can SOMEBODY please explain the love for the Cars series,  surely cars are only cool as the human is driving them?

I just don't get it at all!

And who built the buildings?


kinetoscope 7/31/2011 6:17:44 PM

I guess I sholdn't be shocked to see how poorly Captain Ameirica has down oversees. The homeland numbers should pass Thor's numbers, but oversees has just been nothing.

All I have heard was that Smurf's sucked, and then it wins???


axia777 7/31/2011 6:31:44 PM

 $110 mils?  FUKK.  It makes me want to cry to think all that cash could have been spent on movies more deserving, like "In the Mountains of Madness".  Life is so unfair.... :(

InnerSanctum 7/31/2011 7:11:38 PM

 Really?  Smurfs?  I don't care who begged you to see it...a movie that gets an F from critics and viewers alike doesn't deserve your hard earned cash.  P.T. Barnum was correct.  

karas1 7/31/2011 8:17:50 PM

Wessmith, I loved Cowboys and Aliens.  I too thought it could have been a good film without the aliens part.  But just a good film, not a great one.  The loner up against the cattle barron who rules the town has been done before.  Go watch Silvarado, my favorite western, to see that done REALLY well.

But Cowboys and Aliens had an interesting gimmik which made it different from other westerns.   I thought the FX were done really well.  And there were a lot of interesting characters.  All the actors were good.  Craig and Ford were  terrific.  And the other characters such as Doc and the little boy and Ford's indian sidekick were all destinctive.  Even the bandits and the Indian Chief had presence.  And the Alien Scientist guy with the scar was really scary.




I really liked Ella up until it was revealed that she was a different kind of alien.   When she came back to life and walked out of the fire it got a little farfetched.  But I rolled with the punches and after I accepted that it seemed organic to the movie.




I like Neil Patrick Harris but watching the Smurfs movie seems about as enjoyable to me as poking toothpicks into my eyes.

Nothing else coming out this summer I really want to see.  Maybe Conan because I like Jason Mamoa but that's it.


wessmith1966 7/31/2011 10:19:21 PM

@ karas1...Silverado is one of my favorite westerns. I can watch that movie over and over. Glad you liked C&A. I agree that the characters were pretty good and I did like the story of the knife.

ponyboy76 8/1/2011 2:02:04 AM

Captain America hasn't didn't come out until this weekend in a lot foreign markets so that may have something to do with the low numbers thus far.

Smurfs hasn't had one decent review but like I said adults who grew up with the toon will have taken their kids to see it. It'll drop massively next weekend

westend 8/1/2011 2:32:10 AM

 163 mil budget for Cowboys and Aliens? Seriously?    It cost 163 mil to shoot a fim in the middle of nowhere and build a handful of buildings?

iceknight52 8/1/2011 4:33:39 AM

I just love how a lot of people on this site just assume that every movie out there was made for them and that they are completely shocked when a movie that they have no interest in does well. Hate to burst your bubbles but Smurfs was made for in a way I'm glad that a majority of you didn't like it. Yet Saturday morning I was sitting in a packed theater with my two daughters listening to hundreds of kids laughing at every part with those little blue guys. After the movie, all the kids where talking about how great it was. Parents will past this on to other parents and word of mouth will be, not necessarily for adults but your kids will love it. Guess what? A lot more people will continue to go see it then. I look forward to the sequel and so does my daughters.

sportwarrior 8/1/2011 5:31:44 AM

After Alvin and the Chipmunks doing well enough to spawn 2 sequals I'm not too surprised to see the Smurfs doing as well as it did. I was expecting a $45-50m weekend for Cowboys and Aliens, so 38.5 is a tad disappointing.

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