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kinetoscope 8/26/2013 11:03:53 PM

 He might be a little old, but he's a good actor. I think it's a good call.

thezillaman 8/26/2013 11:15:32 PM

 great call!!!

VTGamehendge 8/26/2013 11:47:40 PM

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Tap the brakes.  Back the truck up.  As many as TEN appearances?  Don't get me wrong, I love Cranston.  And Affleck for THIRTEEN movies?  Just thinking of Benna Fleck in thirteen movies as Batman just makes me nauseous, but more than that I think it's just a bit overly ambitious.  Maybe counting your chickens before they hatch.  Putting the cart before the horse.  Whatever other idioms you care to use.  Let's see how things work out before throwing out ambitious plans like that to the media.  At least wait and see if the shit you're throwing against the wall will actually stick.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves here...

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 8/27/2013 2:26:57 AM

I love Cranston but just because he's bald doesn't mean he fits the part. I think it's a bad call.

masbro76 8/27/2013 3:48:22 AM

I think Jack Coleman from Heros would be good, Lex was a cold and ruthless villan, but also a smart and charismatic and the face of a large company. Coleman did some of this in Heros and think he would be good, plus younger. Cranston can do the villian, not so sure about the other half.

SmokingFrog77 8/27/2013 3:52:10 AM

It depends on whether they're going the Modern Age Luthor who is a good 20 years older than Superman, or the Smallville era version, who is the same age. Thankfully they didn't even tease Luthor being in Smallville in MoS, so hopefully they won't go that route.


I have to agree with MrJawbreakingEquilibrium, though, being bald doesn't mean one fits the part. But then I haven't seen Breaking Bad so I don't know how well he'd fit.


I am also raising my eyebrow at the idea of Affleck signing for 13 films - not even Marvel gets that far ahead of themselves, and they've got reason to be confident. DC doesn't yet. Even if MoS was perfect (and it wasn't - I loved it, but it wasn't perfect) it's still early days.

Dazzler 8/27/2013 4:09:44 AM

I just hope Lex is not the focus on the movie, Lex is done to death. 

dalgoda 8/27/2013 4:43:39 AM

I'm a fan of Cranston but hope Luthor is not the main villain.  Let's see some variety with DC heroes and villains, not the same ones multiple times/rebooted.  

wish 8/27/2013 5:41:13 AM

E-online ran a piece on this a couple days ago too, stating the same things, they won't make it official until the end of September when Breaking Bad wraps up for good.  This is nothing short of another grand slam for DC/WB to sign this actor for the majority of the rest of his career, not very many actors can evoke a menacing intelligence like Bryan Cranston, he'll be totally believable as an evil genius, he's had practice!  I'll fully believe it when it's official, but if they don't refute or acknowledge it right away, it would be very bad PR if turns out to be false at the end of September......if it's a leak then they should just make it official now.

DarthBob 8/27/2013 5:52:53 AM

I wonder if Luthor and the Joker are going to cook together?  I would prefer Mark Strong as Luthor but this could work.

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