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Crawfish to develop Street Fighter Alpha 3 for GBA

Game to follow in Dreamcast version's footsteps

By James Stevenson     July 07, 2001
Source: Gamespot

United Kingdom development company Crawfish announced Friday that it will be developing STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 for the Game Boy Advance. Based on the Dreamcast version and tentatively titled STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 UPPER, the game will feature many of the Dreamcast modes and three exclusive fighters in addition to the original 34. Players will be able to compete in head-to-head matches over the link cable and the game will feature the "-ism" fighting styles to deepen gameplay.

"STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 is being developed by the highly skillful UK company Crawfish Interactive," says Yoshihiro Sudou, a producer at Capcom Japan Production Studio 1. "Based on Capcom's game design, I'm confident that this title will provide players with a new level of gameplay and enjoyment that can only be achieved on the Game Boy Advance platform. I hope that Game Boy Advance owners and anyone who loves video games will enjoy this latest evolution."

"We're delighted to be working with Capcom again," says Mike Merren, development director at Crawfish Interactive. "The STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 project follows on from our work on STREET FIGHTER ALPHA: WARRIOR'S DREAMS for the Game Boy Color. If Nintendo has moved handheld gaming technology 10 steps forward with the Game Boy Advance, we have to make sure that we move the quality of the game 15 steps forward in response. The Game Boy Advance is an incredible console. We expect STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 to be a incredible game."

The game will be released in Japan this October.


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