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CrossGen comics starts new, mainstream comics

Move a bid to bring in new readers

By Christopher Allan Smith     January 30, 2002

EDGE, one of the first titles in CrossGen's COMPENDIA series
© CrossGen Comics

Reflecting concerns over dwindling readership and alienation from mainstream genre lovers, CrossGen comics has announced a new series titled COMPENDIA, with hopes of pulling in more mainstream readers. CrossGen sources hope the series will combat the higher prices and lower readership plaguing the industry as of late. The first two titles in the series, FORGE and EDGE, will be 200-page monsters and will hit the streets in April.

"It's not about how many comics can we sell, but how many new readers can we bring into the comics industry," Tony Panaccio, CrossGen Vice President Business Development, said in a press release sent to CINESCAPE. "This mass-market initiative is huge, greater than any thing that's ever been tried in this business. When those new readers come to comic stores looking for a product they understand and can afford, FORGE and EDGE will be there waiting. And they'll be waiting for them twice a month, every month, when they return again and again."

FORGE, one of the first entries in CrossGen's COMPENDIA series

Added CrossGen's Publisher, Mark Alessi, "CrossGen was founded around a very simple idea. We set out to make comics relevant again to a mainstream audience. Part of doing that was telling stories that map to mainstream genres and tastes. Genres like science fiction, fantasy, mystery, etc. -- the kind of stories that make up a large percentage of the fiction categories of the major booksellers. However, this was only part of the overall concept. We also needed to put those comics into a package that makes price performance sense to this mainstream audience. People buy books, so we've serialized our stories in a book format. People expect value for their dollar, so we've put together a package that can be sold at a very competitive price. We call this new product Compendia, and the first two, more specifically -- FORGE and EDGE."

The COMPENDIA series will be compilations of other CrossGen comics, but unlike traditional trade paperbacks in the industry, will be published only a few months after the stories initially hit in regular comic form. What's more, the books will be about half the price ($9.95) of regular trades.


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