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CrossGen Cuts Movie/TV Deals

By Rob M. Worley     May 14, 2002

Mystic by Marrow2000

TheHollywood Reporter reports that CrossGen comics and Michael Uslan's BrandedEntertainment announced movie and TV projects stemming from their recentdevelopment deal this week.

Threshold Entertainment optioned the rights toSigil and Saurians for feature film, television and videogames. The company is best known for shepherding the Mortal Kombatvideo games to the big and small screens.

"CrossGen Comics is hands-down the most exciting comics company to comearound in decades," Threshold Entertainment chairman and CEO Larry Kasanoffsaid. "The unusual thing about that company is not one particularfranchise, but that everything they do is so remarkably good."

Wes Craven and MarianneMaddalena, of Craven/Maddalena Pictures are negotiating a deal on the option forMystic. Plans are to turn that one into a live-action, primetime, weekly television series.

Maddalena saidthe magic wielding sisters of Genevieve and Giselle Villard were the keyattraction to the property. "It is probably along the line of Buffy the VampireSlayer and webelieve it would attract the same young audiences that Buffy doesattract," she told The Reporter.

 Uslanpreviously teamed with Craven on Swamp Thing.


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