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Crossgen Hires Two Inkers, Colorist

By Rob Allstetter     January 25, 2002

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CrossGen Comics has added three creators, inkers Tom Ryder and Brad Vancata and colorist Chris Garcia.

Ryder joins the staff as inker for the May-releasing WAY OF THE RAT,working over the pencils of Jeff Johnson. Garcia will join Johnson and Garcia on the title.

Vancata will work over the pencils of Andy Smith. Initially, Vancata will work with Smith on relief issues, beginning with NEGATION #6. The two will then move on to their own title sometime in late 2002.

Ryder began inking comics professionally upon his graduation from the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in 1991. He immediately went to work at Valiant Comics and spent five years there, inking titles such as X-O MANOWAR, SOLAR, MAN OF THE ATOM and SHADOWMAN. In 1996 he left the comic industry to work on storyboards for animation. He has worked on ROUGHNECKS: STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES, JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES and MEN IN BLACK: THE SERIES.

"With our plans for continued growth, it becomes a necessity to find creators that can not only do a great job, but can fit into the studio environment we have set up," CrossGen art director Bart Sears says. "Tom Ryder is just that person. He'll make a great addition to the team on Way of the Rat and his personality will fit in really well with everyone else here."

Garcia began as a colorist at WildStorm in 1997. After four years, he began a freelance career that brought him work from Marvel Comics, Avalon, Pennyfarthing Press and CrossGen Comics. His work on CrossGen's MYSTIC and CROSSGEN CHRONICLES got him the offer to join the company full-time.

"Finding colorists that live up to the extremely high standards that have been set by CrossGen's existing coloring corps isn't easy," Sears says. "Chris' work for us in the past showed that he had what it took to fit in talent-wise, and we jumped at the opportunity to bring him on-board full-time."

Vancata is a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Upon graduation in 1989, he went on to work in Marvel Comics' offices in New York City. After working as an inker and colorist during this time, Vancata went freelance, and began working on a variety of titles, such as INCREDIBLE HULK, SPIDER-MAN: LETHAL FOES, and various X-Men titles for Marvel, BLOODSHOT for Acclaim Comics, STORMWATCH for WildStorm, and IMPULSE, SUPERMAN, and the mini-series, AQUAMAN: TIME & TIDE for DC Comics. Vancata's also done storyboards for various projects, including public service announcements, short films, and video game cinematics. In addition, he had a major role in doing conceptual design artwork, graphic design and actual ride artwork for the Adventures of Spider-Man multi-media ride in the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Just previous to coming to CrossGen, Vancata worked in the video game industry for Interplay Entertainment, producing level design art, conceptual art, and texture mapping for some of the first generation of video game titles for Sony's PlayStation 2.

"I'm really excited about the opportunity to come and work at CrossGen," Vancata says. "I've been away from comics for a while, successfully working in other venues, and it took a company like CrossGen to bring me back. I've worked for a number of big-name entertainment companies in my career, and CrossGen has the same thing going for it as these others - a commitment to professionalism and quality that you can see in the work produced."

Ryder and Garcia have already relocated to CrossGen's Florida-based studio, and Vancata will make the move in early March.


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