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CrossGen Hits On-Time Century Mark

A rarity in the comics biz.

By Rob Allstetter     November 09, 2001

SOJOURN #1 from CrossGen Comics
© 2001 CrossGen Comics

With the release of MYSTIC #18, THE FIRST #13 and NEGATION PREQUEL on Wednesday, CrossGen Comics has now published 100 consecutive on-time issues.

"We were very proud when we announced we had gone one full year without missing a ship date," CrossGen Publisher Mark Alessi says. "Even after some considerable growth, we are still meeting our commitment to the fans and retailers. Now, eventually we will miss a ship date, but it is our commitment to staying on time that is really important. These people work very hard to get these books out and 100 in a row is an amazing accomplishment. I'm especially proud to announce this milestone just a few weeks after eight of the Top 20 best-ordered books for October have been announced as shipping late.

"Not to pick on any specific publisher, since everyone seems to ship late these days, but I do see our timely shipping and high quality production values as a vindication of our in-house development system. Perhaps the other industry majors will shift over to our in-house development system to alleviate these late shipping concerns. If so, we would be pleased to share with them how we set up our in-house development processes and what type of personnel are best suited to function effectively in that type of environment.

"After all, we too, wish nothing but success for all the members of this beleaguered publishing and retailing community."

The 100 consecutive on-time issues are as follows: THE FIRST #1-13; MYSTIC #1-18; SIGIL #1-17; SCION #1-17; MERIDIAN #1-17; CRUX #1-7; SOJOURN PREQUEL and #1-4; RUSE #1; NEGATION PREQUEL; and CrossGen CHRONICLES #1-4.


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