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Crossing Boundaries

CrossGen Comics inaugurates two new programs aimed at expanding the comic book audience... but will they succeed?

By Arnold T. Blumberg     May 29, 2002

"Comics on the Web" offers a subscription-based library of CrossGen comics
© 2002 CrossGen Comics

As anyone in comics will tell you, CrossGen VP Tony Panaccio included, the comic book reading community is an insular little group. However, CrossGen Comics is determined to bring comic book entertainment into the mainstream, and they've put their money where their mouth is.

"The problem with comics is we keep coming up with new ways to market to the same people," says Panaccio. "We cannot continue to market a product at an ever-increasing price to an ever-dwindling number of people and expect to have a future."

The answer? Bring CrossGen's comics to the largest possible audience Web surfers. In a pioneering effort that includes partner sites like and, CrossGen has introduced Comics on the Web (, a subscription-based library of Internet-based comics that will present the CrossGen line in a user-friendly format. Launching with more than 50 issues available, the service is expected to grow to more than 800 issues of material by 2005 at a price of $1 per month.


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