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goatartist 1/26/2012 2:48:47 PM

 Steve Norrington was once slated to direct and Nic Cave was set to write the screenplay. This gave me the slightest shred of hope. Now, not so much. I'd even let Rob Zombie give it another crack before these clowns.

Norrington has been given credit with modernizing the comic-book film post The Crow with Blade. This could have been his own comback chance to do it again for a second time, and he seemed really passionate about it. What happened? Nic Cave could have brought a real gritty rock and roll, 2012 ghost town detroit vibe to this installment, which the sequals were sorely lacking.

Do the same story if you must (which you don't), but for the love of Brandon Lee, don't call him Eric Draven, that would just be wrong, and I'm a huge devotee to the comic.

Also, The Crow Soundtrack, best soundtrack of all time, no question.

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