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Wiseguy 10/20/2009 8:41:37 AM

So Indestructable Man is Wolverine without the claws? And is Fox21 part of of our beloved Fox or is that a seperate company?

I wonder if Fox is even planning on using Jones as the SS, especially since Fishburne voiced him and they never showed an actual Norrin Radd to tie Jones to the character

I can't wait to see the JSA in Smallville. Also glad to heat that Hawkman will resemble the comic character, Carter Hall has always been one of my favorite B-listers. He's a bad ass always ready to throw down

So no word yet on Melissa George returning for 30 Days of Night?

Glad that GL is headed for Louisiana, afterall that's where Belle Reeves is and where they end up locking up Hector Hammond

Ghostsith 10/20/2009 9:01:20 AM

 They are killing the Crow...... I'm just sayin.

I can't wait to see the JSA.

AtomykRayj 10/20/2009 9:04:22 AM

I for one can't wait to see Hawkman and Dr. Fate. Although I think it'll be kinda weird seeing Shanks with wings and all that but still pretty cool. I have a bad feeling that Fate will end up looking a little like Dr. Strange in a way but only time will tell, right?

silversurfer 10/20/2009 9:06:30 AM

I think a Crow remake would be good...I'm actually hoping that this one gets done....Brandon Lee's is still good though....

Glad that GL is in Louisianna....good for the economy there....

No real news about Bruce Campbell...his roles have been increasing with each SM this one should be the best of all of them...

Swamp Thing as a Southern Horror classic? I do like the sound of that! Creature From the Black Lagoon (since they discussed Universal as a reference) comes to mind....

Silver Surfer, if it ever gets done, would be a good move, but Doug probably won't be apart of it though...pity...Fox took too long to get this one done...I don't think that the interest would be there, unless GL does what everyone hopes it will do? 

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 10/20/2009 9:14:04 AM

Indestructible Man sounds like a character I've already written stories about.  My character is immortal and doesn't know how, he keeps on dying and coming back alive.  He's suicidal, he wants to die but can't and in the meantime he starts taking advantage of that by stealing money from criminal types and letting them kill him and then upon revinving he gets the money he's hidden.  That's only an arc of where I'm heading as a whole.  I've written one short story and submitted it to a couple of places (Ruthless People is one place) but they said it needed some more work but it wasn't too bad.  It's called Im-Noir-tality - because I'm trying to go for that noir vibe but in my own style.  I hope it's not anything close to whatever Indestructible Man is or I'm going to be pissed.

Maybe I'll post it on a blog, get some two-cents here.

savagelee 10/20/2009 9:14:49 AM

 That shot in Scott Pilgrim looks awesome!!

The news about The Crow makes me very, very sad. I wish they cold just leave that stuff alone. It was very cool and very sad, and trying to make any more money off it will just be sad.

Wiseguy 10/20/2009 9:16:23 AM

I know I'm in the minority here (but actually the silent majority) but I don't care for The Crow much. Whatever they do is fine but I'm not a big fan of any of the Crow films.

Lobo-curious but not something I'm eagerly anticipating

Swamp Thing- this I'm looking forward to. After the disaster that was Man-Thing, unfortunately, maybe they'll get it right with Swampy since they seem to be aiming for the feel that Man-Thing did but missed by a mile.

Cowboys & Aliens- I like the the comparison Favreau made as opposed to the darker Unforgiven. It sickens me that some feel everything needs to be dark and gritty even when the source material isn't

I don't care if Campbell is in Spidey 4 or not but please don't make up some dumbsh*t just to give this guy some work and if they decide to link all his appearances it sounds like dumbsh*t to me

redhairs99 10/20/2009 10:01:18 AM

Dr. Jackson is playing Hawkman...Sounds like it could be interesting.  Good thing they're staying at least somewhat true by giving the guy wings, but no word about his face/helmet.

dragon261 10/20/2009 10:07:58 AM

Maybe Campbell gets eaten by the Lizard. He did say the role was "meaty".

axia777 10/20/2009 10:12:05 AM

I agree with savagelee.  Just leave the Crow alone.  Every movie but the original has licked goat nutz.  How are they going to make a "realistic" Crow movie?  The Crow is a chaaracter that comes back from the dead!  This just sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen.  They only one happy about it must be O'Barr as that guy must be getting PAID $$$$$.

Lobo is also going to suck.  I am sorry, but every Lobo comic that was great was a rated R comic.  He killed Santa Claus for sh*ts sakes.  This is another train wreck waiting to happen.

Thor on the ther hand sounds like it just might kick as much ass as Iron Man.  That is my hope at least.  Come on Thor!  Strike with thunder!!

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