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Thorn 10/20/2009 10:12:51 AM

The first Crow film with Brandon Lee is untouchable. The Crow: City of Angels had alot of promise, great style (for 1996), cool casting (Vincent Perez was great back then - La Reine Margot comes to mind) but failed to deliver on too many aspects to make it memorable. The Crow: Salvation and The Crow: Wicked Prayer, albeit totally forgettable, had some mildly interesting plot/style twists, but was plagued by straight-to-DVD (probably better that way anyways - in this case), misused budgets and awful casting. Although I must admit, I found Ed Furlong was an interesting choice for the Crow if he hadn't been cast alongside David Boreanaz and Dennis Hopper, with an awful, awful pseudo-satanic storyline. 

I think the next Crow should be a woman, like in Flesh & Blood. I don't know how fans feel about it today, but back in the mid-90's I remember most of us wanted to see a female Crow. Anyways, just my 2 cents.

Whatever. They shouldn't do another sequel/remake of The Crow, period.

Thorn 10/20/2009 10:16:19 AM

Oh, and Lobo-smobo. Never cared, even in comics. I tried. A movie about Lobo would probably suck as much as the Ghost Rider or Spawn films.

savagelee 10/20/2009 10:19:51 AM

 axia777 -  I don't think O'Barr makes a ton off these movie deals anymore. He's asked them to leave the franchise alone, and to stop trying to add to it.

A few years ago, O'Barr did a picture of The Crow pouring blood from a golden urn, onto Brandon Lee's grave. That was O'Barr's feelings on the money connected to the franchise. They're just milking the death of a slightly famous young man. 

WarCry 10/20/2009 10:36:16 AM

I don't have any strong feelings one way or another about remakes in general, but on thing that makes me nervous is the talk about making the Crow less gothic and more realistic. Has this guy actually READ the original James O'Barr book? Gothic IS what the Crow is about! Also, the "more documentary-like" gives me visions of shaky-cams and snot-bubbles that makes me nervous.

axia777 10/20/2009 10:54:56 AM

@savagelee - Then I guess O'Barr feels the same way a lot of us Crow fans do.  As you put it "They're just milking the death of a slightly famous young man. "  I need to find that picture you descibed.  It sounds awesome.

axia777 10/20/2009 11:39:54 AM

@savagelee - Then I guess O'Barr feels the same way a lot of us Crow fans do.  As you put it "They're just milking the death of a slightly famous young man. "  I need to find that picture you descibed.  It sounds awesome.

jfdavis 10/20/2009 11:55:13 AM

I know they want a female member of the JSA but Stargirl? Without step-father S.T.R.I.P.E.? Why not add Fate's wife, who looked alot like Shanks' wife, and Stait's Andromeda co-star,  Lexa Doog on Justice League. I'm just saying... Speaking of Justice League, I'm now disappointed they can't relive Courtney's rivalry with Kara from that show.  

fft5305 10/20/2009 12:18:13 PM

None of the Crow movies have been any good since the first. That one was only as great as it was due to the Perfect Storm of events that led to them doing the movie the way they did. They had to rearrange quite a few things due to Brandon Lee's death. I don't know that the movie would have been quite as good if he had lived and they did the movie the way they intended.

I'll be interested to see how Hawkman looks. Sounds like it could be cheesy, but I'll wait to pass judgment.

I hope Silver Surfer gets made. I met Doug Jones recently and he is a hell of a nice guy. He deserves all the success that comes his way.

exodusdream 10/20/2009 1:08:54 PM

Make the lead of the new Crow film a female, that would thrill me in ways that Franks Red Hot Sauce can't!!

scytheofluna 10/20/2009 2:10:13 PM

Why, oh f**ing why can't they stop with the new Crow characters?  The original film was a flawed adaptation of the books, but it was a beautiful film none the less.  None of the other films in the franchise even began to touch the soul that was wedged into that film.  If anything is further done with the franchise a faithful adaptation of the source material is what's needed.  Frame by f***ing frame.  Norrington won't get a dime from me.  I've been a fan of the Crow for almost a decade and a half, and I can't stomach anymore lame sequels, and I can't  believe nobody has enough respect for the BOOKS this story was derived from to make any actual attempt to do the character justice.

You want to go gritty? READ THE BOOKS.  O'Barr forged such an intensity into his original work, such a rare and beautiful fury that hasn't really come through in even the best attempt at bringing his vision to the screen.  I have completely worn out 3 or 4 copies of the graphic novel over the years, and I'm talking "pages falling out" worn out because it's just such a soulstomping masterpiece.  Even above Watchmen V for Vendetta or Sin City this piece graphic literature deserves a faithful approach.  Every twisted gorgeous image deserves to be filmed and we've got the tech to do the story and the visual style justice.

'Not going to happen with that numbskull on board.  He already turned Alan Moore completely against hollywood, so that even when a couple of good adaptations of his work are released he won't bother with seeing them.  Are they really so stupid as to believe that the fans of the series will want this?

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