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garthgirl 3/19/2013 5:25:12 PM

 Will Smith would be great, as would Affleck.  But PLEASE no Tom Cruise!!!!  And they MUST have a cameo with David McCallum, that would be SO great.  Maybe he should play a medical examiner!  Maybe Will and Tatum.   It has to be slightly tongue-in-cheek.

chervil 3/19/2013 5:31:56 PM

I think Bradley Cooper might be a decent one for this role.
I really liked him in Limitless and he wasn't too bad in A-Team. (acting was decent, writing and plot were not too hot.)

However the only thing Tom Cruise can do is act like Tom Cruise.
He is the exact same character in every - single - movie.
And while he did ok as Ethan Hunt (actually watch the movies more for his co-stars) it would be a mistake of monumental proportions to put him in this franchise.


lusiphur 3/20/2013 6:26:58 AM

 Nicole Ritchie in Man from U.N.C.L.E.?  WTF?!?!  That's what I thought when I read the headline.  

I agree, Cruise should pass on this one.  It's still in "early talks" so when fan reaction is negative, I'm sure he'll politely bow out.  I could see Cooper and Fassbender pulling this off.  If it was 10 years ago, I'd go with Paul Bettany, but he may be a bit old for Illya.

garthgirl - while a cameo by McCallum would be great, don't forget that Robert Vaughn is still alive and working at 80 years old.  If they have one of them, they'd better have both.

HarryTuttle 3/20/2013 7:02:20 AM

 U.N.C.L.E. and M.I. are/were worlds apart in terms of style and approach. U.N.C.L.E. had a dry, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and didn't take itself too seriously, and I'd like to think that the movie adap will take the same approach.

Which means Tom Cruise is wrong for itas far as I'm concerned.

I know he gets mentioned for just about every movie role that comes up, but this time I'd really go for Michael Fassbender as Napoleon Solo.

Just as long as they don't go with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and turn it into a parody of a parody....please!

InnerSanctum 3/20/2013 7:42:32 AM

Tom, please just stick to MI.  I'd really like to watch a film and not think "Hey, that is Tom Cruise."  I do think Ritchie has the right skill set for this type of film.   

Bryzarro 3/20/2013 7:46:59 AM

 Ah homophobic slurs.  Love internet anonymity.  Smith could do it but i'd rather see someone younger if they are looking at more movies out of this.

And I Spay was with Eddie Murphy idiot.

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