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Crunchyroll Adds Venus to Mamoru, Magician's Academy & Canvas 2: The Rainbow Colored Sketch Anime

Three more catalog titles get underway

By Chris Beveridge     December 30, 2010

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Crunchyroll may be teasing us with their announcement plans for new simulcasts for the Winter 2011 anime season with ten new shows in addition to several ongoing shows, but that's not all they have up their sleeves. They've announced today that they're loading up three new series from the Kadokawa catalog that they've gotten the rights to, with some good news for UK fans as they're available there as well for premium users. The shows are loaded in full for premium users and they'll be doing the standard 3 to 4 episode rollouts every week for non-premium users.

-Venus to Mamoru! 1-24, 4 episodes/week for non-premium users
-Magician's Academy 1-12, 3 episodes/week for non-premium users (mature audiences only)
-Canvas 2: Rainbow Colored Sketch 1-24, 4 episodes/week for non-premium users

Enjoy the shows!

Venus to Mamoru!

Responding to will of people, mysterious power called Beatrice makes everything possible. Beatrice is referred to as Portrayal of Magic and there’s one and only school in Japan called Tokyo Beatrice University High School which teaches about it (This school is commonly known as TBU-High).

Mamoru Yoshimura is a high school student who had his life saved by miracle of Beatrice in early childhood. He transfers to TBU-High and on his first day at school, he meets a young girl under the fully bloomed autumn cherry blossom tree.

“We should go steady.”

This was a day the fate brought Mamoru and Ayako together.

Ayako Takasu is a sophomore who serves as chief of public order in the student council. She’s one year older than Mamoru. Being a granddaughter of big-name politician, she’s also gifted with good-looks as well. She’s a genius Beatrice charmer who’s capable of shooting down a satellite. She goes by the name of Beatrice the Witch and Beatrice, the Angel of Death, people fear her but in fact she’s an innocent girl.

Magician's Academy

In a realm which exists right next to reality but no ordinary people can see, there is the "Magician’s Academy" – the school for today's wizards and witches who live between the realms, hiding their true identities while they are among us. Takuto Hasegawa looks like a high school boy who embodies the word "ordinary" in every sense, but he is actually a wizard in the making who secretly attends the Academy. At his makeup exam in "Summoning Skills II," he happens to summon Tanarot, a beautiful girl with a beast's ears! She has "a Magic Power Value that measures over 100,000," and "a Deification Value measuring 5,000," though her "Attribute is unknown." The Academy orders Takuto to live with Tanarot, but his cousin Suzuho who is in love with him moves into his house. In addition, Falce, the female incarnation of the "magic machine wand" joins them, creating an absolutely chaotic "harem" around him! Also joining in the mayhem are Takuto's upper-classmate Eitaro, who uses his atrocious magic power and indulges in sinfully geeky hobbies; the dog-eared maid Eneusu; the tiger-eared shrine maiden Miyabi; and the devilish "bondage beauty" Synclavia – turning Takuto's life upside down and eventually leading him into an adventure that involves the entire magic world. What will his fate be???

Canvas 2: The Rainbow Colored Sketch

Hiroki Kamikura is a main character of this story that’s a student of Nadeshiko University and serves as an adviser for Art Department in Nadeshiko High School. Once promised to become a future Artist, Hiroki completely stopped painting for a certain reason while he was in high school. Now, he turns his effort in studying everyday, striving to become a teacher. As such days continued, Elis Hosen, Hiroki’s cousin, whom he cherished like his own baby sister arrives to his place from their hometown, Hokkaido. She was invited to Nadeshiko High School as a scholarship student who’s been recognized for her outstanding painting talents. Losing her parents in the accident during her childhood caused her to close her mind to the others. Hiroki freed her mind through the art of painting and also guided her to the path as an artist. Even suffering from a handicap of not being able to paint with red color which reminded her of blood, she faces the art of painting with a straightforward feeling. She deeply worries for Hiroki who gave her the chance of loving the painting but who has decided to quit the painting himself. She hopes that Hiroki will be able to once again paint if possible, but doesn’t know the whole story of why Hiroki has given up painting and has no means of helping him.

*These three titles will be available in North America, South America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands, Portugal, Middle East, Africa
**Venus to Mamoru! and Magician's Academy are also available in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines

-Venus to Mamoru!
-Magician's Academy available to mature audiences
-Canvas 2: The Rainbow Colored Sketch
-Student Council's Discretion/Seitokai no Ichizon
-Good Luck Ninomiya-kun
-H2O Footprints in the Sand
-Kiddy Girl-and
-Cosplay Complex available to mature audiences
-Lucky Star
-The Melody of Oblivion

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Calibur454 12/30/2010 3:38:12 PM

magician's academy sounds like another attempt at making another harry potter with lots of fan service- I'm sure funi will pick up this title

media blasters wiill proably snag good luck ninomiya kun

canvas 2 qill go to nis or sentai




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