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Crunchyroll Gives Early Access This Week

By Chris Beveridge     July 20, 2010

© Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll is releasing a variety of brand new episodes, as well as free episodes, for its users this week from hit shows like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Strike Witches 2 and Reborn.
New episodes from the week of July 18-24 are:
Sunday: Giant Killing episode 16 and Uraboku episode 15.
Monday: Fairy Tail episode 38 and Occult Academy 3.
Tuesday: Bleach episode 280, Tono to Issho episode 3.
Wednesday: Strike Witches 2, episode 3; Asobi ni Ikuyo episode 2; and Kaasan ­ Mom¹s Life episode 63.
Thursday: Heroman episode 17 and Naruto Shippuden episode 169.
Friday: Reborn episode 194.
Saturday: Yumeiro Patisserie episode 42 and LilPri episode 17.
With the exception of Fairy Tail, the simulcasted episode from the week prior for all series listed above are now available to all users for free.
Episodes can be accessed from,, the free iPad and iPhone application, the Boxee application and affiliate partners.


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