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Cullen Confirms TRANSFORMERS Trilogy

By Jarrod Sarafin, News Editor     October 13, 2007
Source: Heather Newgen at Superhero Hype

IronHide in the streets in TRANSFORMER(2007).
© Dreamworks & Paramount

We already knew a trilogy of the summer smash hit TRANSFORMERS was planned just as we also now know that Spielberg, Bay & star Shia LaBeouf are ready to go on the sequel (with a story by Orci and Kurtzman ready). While at a Paramount presentation for the upcoming DVD release of the film, which hits this Tuesday, Heather Newgen from SHH! asked if voice actor Peter Cullen would be involved with the sequels as he was with the original...

"I've been led to believe that there is going to be two more that I know of," Cullen told Hype!.

When we asked if he was attached to voice Optimus Prime again, he simply said with a smile, "yes."

To check out an interview with Cullen about the character, click here.

They're ready to go with TRANSFORMERS 2, a sequel set to hit theaters June 26, 2009, but there are doubts on whether they can get full production going before the Hollywood dreaded strike of doom around June 2008.


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mckracken 10/13/2007 1:21:17 AM
oh no, not another Matrix trilogy or Pirates Trilogy or Back to the Future Trilogy, where the first flick is a stand alone and the second ends in a total cliffhanger and the third wraps everything up but you have to wait 2 years for the ending and usually they arent nearly as good as the original one was.... anyway.. did transformers end on a cliffhanger? i never saw it.
maverickrenegade 10/13/2007 2:12:15 AM
transformers didnt end on a cliffhanger but still open enough to squeeze another turd of a movie from the asshole we call hollywood .... god that movie sucked so my ass!
momitchell7 10/13/2007 3:00:40 AM
Mckracken if you never saw it, then don't worry about it... it's obviously not for you. Maverick, come on... it was a movie based on a kids cartoon/toy line that was released in the 80's... were the cartoons really that much better than the movie? Of course not. Transformers - the movie, was exactly what everyone thought it would be... vehicles that transform into robots and then fight with each other... what more do you want? Be real, I'm assuming, of course, that your not 6-12 years old anymore...
exfan 10/13/2007 3:00:40 AM
I, myself , not surprised ! With the money the movies made with a reasonnable budget, 150M, it s normal that all the peoples involved push to make the third ! I enjoy the movie but not that much, it was ok, the story was little bit too simple and the character was without interrest. The action was too quick, i really can t see in details all transformation during the fight sequences, this make me mad ! No really strong actor, perhaps John voigth but his performance was poor ! so transformers 2 will be bad boys 2, too much and more everything, more action, more destruction, more more more, but i amafraid the story will be less the third...! we never see mickael bay make any third episode, so who knows..maybe he will not direct !
madmanic999 10/13/2007 7:27:36 AM
I really enjoyed tranformers, but then I'm still a big kid, not a former child FAN who has grown into a bitter "everything Hollywood produces is evil" ass puckered lemming FANboy. Of course there were things I would change, but all in all I enjoyed the ride. And momitchell you are 100% right, the cartoon was just as over the top. Fans these days want these movies to recreate the feeling they had about the subject matter as kids, and they have become so bitter that it is almost impossible. Now for those that just don't like Bays style, that makes sense, but I like it... it's a guilty pleasure.
BatmanForever 10/13/2007 7:47:23 AM
They got me once...I will now wait and rent the DVDs when they come out
goirish83 10/13/2007 9:05:57 AM
FANTASTIC !!! This movie rocked, as I went in expecting exactly what I got, giant robots, cheesy dialoge and LOTS of explosions. This movie is a cash cow and I hope they make 5 more. It was way better than Spiderman3 or POTC. Those of you who never saw it shouldn't be allowed an opinion about it. And for those of you, like maverickrenegade, if you are so displeased with Hollywood, and so frustrated with the movies being made, and are so much smarter than the people writing and green-lighting these movies, then go out to Hollywood and get a job in a studio and make better movies. It kills me how so many posters on this site bitch about Hollywood and what comes out. This is the norm and I can't see a change coming down the pike for a long time. If you don't like the movie then don't go freaking see it, plain and simple.
Wiseguy 10/13/2007 9:15:37 AM
I thought Transformers was a decent flick for what is supposed to be. I was actually surprsied at the amount of casualties being that I thought it was a more kid friendly film. My only problem is that some of the transformations seem to happen so fast that they seem chaotic, but still worth the price of admission and once the film hit the $200 million mark everyone should've known that a sequel was a guarantee.
chirop1 10/13/2007 10:28:07 AM
Personally. I loved it. I wasn't expecting "The English Patient" out of the deal. I wanted transforming robots who blew stuff up... and I got it. I could have done without the guy from Oh Brother Where Art Thou, but all in all... great flick.
hanso 10/13/2007 10:28:21 AM
Galvatron and the Dinobots for a sequel and then the Constructicons for the end of the trilogy?
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