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Cumming's Blue Tail

By Dave Richards     November 15, 2002

It maynot be easy being green, but blue is no picnic either according to AlanCumming. Cumming recently talked to EntertainmentWeekly's William Keck and Hillary Atkin about his role as Nightcrawlerin X-Men 2. Keck and Atkin's article also featured a new pictureof the actor looking very menacing in full make up and costume.

The blue make up processis no fun for Cumming. He said, "The airbrushing is an absolute nightmarefrom hell!" Thankfully for Cumming he had another blue co-star to sharehis pain, Reebcca Romijn -Stamos who plays Mystique. Cumming said, ''Weoffer each other blue-people counseling." Romijn-Stamos told Keck and Atkin,''Our makeup trailers are next to each other. So we whine and complain.We're not allowed to do anything. We can't even go to lunch with everybody,so we just sit in our trailers and watch movies and hang out.''

Portraying a blue skinnedmutant does have some perks. Nightcrawler might get some lovin' from Storm,played by Halle Berry. Berry told Keck and Atkin, "Nightcrawler and I havea little flirtation going on. It's sort of the undertone of our relationship.''

Those worried about Nighcrawler'sappearance staying true to his comic book persona can rest easy. He's evengot the tail. According to Cumming he makes good use of it too, "I havethis long, black, oily tail that I kill secret servicemen with." Cummingis scared that the moviemakers won't be the only one's coming up with creativeuses for Nightcrawler's tail, "I'm already having nightmares about childrenpenetrating my action figure with its own tail."


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