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CW Renews Supernatural, Vampire Diaries

CW Renews Five Series including Supernatural and Vampire Diaries.

By Jarrod Sarafin     February 17, 2010
Source: The CW

Supernatural Review
© CW/Bob Trate

The CW has confirmed their plans to renew five series for their Fall 2010 schedule and two of them include Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. Check out the information below.

The series receiving early renewals include this season's breakout hit THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, The CW's most-watched show (4.6 million viewers) and the network's number one show among adults 18-34 (2.5/8). THE VAMPIRE DIARIES premiere generated the largest audience in network history for a series debut (5.7 million total viewers). THE VAMPIRE DIARIES has improved The CW's performance Thursday at 8:00 p.m. by 114% among women 18-34 this season. The network also renewed fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, which will enter its sixth season next year. SUPERNATURAL has one of the most loyal audiences of any show on television and does heroic work in a perennially tough time period. It has improved over last season among women and adults 18-34 (29% and 8%, respectively) this season, a remarkable accomplishment for a fifth-year show.

Also given early pickups for next season are The CW's Monday night sensation GOSSIP GIRL, which is The CW's number one show among its target demographic of women 18-34, and Tuesday's trend-setting drama, 90210, which sees some of TV's largest percent increases from DVR playback, nearly doubling its women 18-34 live-only ratings once live+7 data is included. Wednesday anchor AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL will also be back for cycles 15 and 16 with superstar Tyra Banks and new groups of aspiring models. TOP MODEL continues to rank second in the competitive Wednesday 8:00 p.m. hour among young women 18-34 (3.4/10).


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millean 2/17/2010 2:41:10 PM

Smallville, anyone?

fft5305 2/17/2010 3:13:07 PM

Unfortunately, Eric Kripke is stepping down as the primary showrunner.  He will still be sticking around as an Exec Producer, but he won't be the day-to-day guy any more. He stated earlier that he envisioned Supernatural as a 5-year arc, and that another arc could begin in season 6, but it worries me that they may go the road of Lost, before it set the end date.  They'll try to start a new arc, but without a definite end in sight.  It will drag on and meander until the plug is pulled, then they'll try to cram everything into the last 5 episodes that CW gives them.  At least Lost got almost two full seasons to aim the show toward a finish, so now they're kicking ass.

noahbody 2/17/2010 3:16:51 PM

I will give them the benifit of the doubt. They have earned it!

karas1 2/17/2010 4:45:45 PM

Keeping the Winchester brothers on my TV screen is a good thing!

Hobbs 2/17/2010 6:50:40 PM

Someday when the teenagers grow up they are going to get sick of the Vampire rip offs that keep coming out and the Vamp stories are going to plunge like the stock market last October.

Good news about Supernatural but more than once I read the creator only wanted it to be a 5 year run.  Once the story runs it course you start running into filler episodes each week.  I like the show but believe that all good things must come to an end.  You hang around too long you become the X-Files or Stargate SG-1.

WarCry 2/17/2010 8:01:46 PM

I count four shows listed there: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Top Model. Is there a fiftth one, or are they counting Top Model as two since it was given two 'cycles'?

Dazzler 2/18/2010 4:39:28 AM

Smallville should forget the season long dragfest and just do fun ep's at this point.  I don't even care about what Zod is doing at this point.  Bring Lex back also!

axia777 2/18/2010 9:24:14 AM

I am with fft5305. Shows that keep going season after season all most all have sucked in the long run. Lost, X-Files, Stargate SG1, and the list goes on. Supernatural may be in danger of going the way of the X-Files. I actually did not mind the idea of them ending it at season five.

As for the crap fest that is Vampire Diaries it would have never been made if Twilight had not been successful.  What a puke fest.  True Blood all the way.  That is the only vampire show I would spand any time watching.

Wiseguy 2/18/2010 9:52:08 AM

I like True Blood for its willingness to get bloody but the more I revisit it so far the less I like it and the more I hate Sooky and her dumbass brother


wish 2/18/2010 5:07:25 PM

HEY! don't talk shit 'bout true blood.

Supernatural should end, I love it but it is in danger of the dreaded drag.  Smallville lost me after the midway point of the 5th season and I'm shocked everytime it's announced as a a renewal.  The literary version of the vampire diaries actually pre-dates the terrible twilight series and it's not that bad of a show so I'm okay with that.....ANTM is a guilty pleasure....but being a fully Hetero guy I don't think that should tough to admit.  I can't speak for the other "girl" shows because the trailers are enough to dissuade me.  The X-files got a little long in the tooth well before the great DD left and as for got better and better with every season so I miss it well as Atlantis.....but I'm one of the rare fans of SGU so as long as it keeps going I'll be happy.  

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