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Cyclops to Star in Preacher Film?

By Jason Lethert     May 20, 2002

Cyclops to play a certainsupernatural sermon-giver? It sounds like it, as X-Man James Marsden told EntertainmentWeekly  he wants to star as the title character in the film Preacher. Most of you know that Preacher was originally a comic published by D.C. Comics'Vertigo imprint, and ran for 5 years.

EW quoted Marsden describing theproject as "...about a guy [who's] struck by lightning while he's preachinga sermon and inherits the power of the word of God. It's verydark." 

Indeed, as in the comic book, the Jesse Custer (Preacher) wasthe only one in the church to survive the origin of his divine powers. Custer befriends a girl (Tulip), an Irish drunk that turns out to be a vampire,and one of the forces after them is the Saint of Killers, heaven's perfectkiller.

The production was originally set to lenslast November, has been gaining momentum since the director was named in RachelTalalay (who directed another indie comic with mixed results in Tank Girl),and a budget of $20 million was assigned.

Trivia note: Back when Kevin Smithwas attached to Preacher as executive producer, he tried to enlist his buddy BenAffleck (and current comic superhero Daredevil) as the title character. However, Affleck turned the offer down flat, saying that he never did similarroles back to back. He was referring to his most recent film (at thattime), Dogma - in which he played a fallen angel.


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