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Da Vinci’s Demons: The Blood of Man Clips

Season 2 Begins Saturday

By Robert T. Trate     March 20, 2014
Source: Starz

Da Vinciâ's Demons airs only on STARZ
© Starz
STARZ will debut the first episode from the highly anticipated season two premiere of its historical fantasy original series, Da Vinci’s Demons, this Saturday, March 22nd at 9pm ET/PT. Below we have two clips from the up coming episode!

The Blood of Man Synopsis: Chaos erupts as the Pazzis strike and Leonardo da Vinci is forced to gamble for the future of Florence. Meanwhile, Riario races ahead in his own quest for the Book of Leaves.
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blankczech 3/22/2014 10:41:07 AM

 Interesting to see how many comments this article will get because I wonder how many people subscribe to Starz.  I get it because when I went back to cable (from Direct TV) they gave me a promotional package that included all the premium stations.  When my contract ran out and the bill went up...I considered getting rid of Starz (and Cinemax) and just keeping HBO & Showtime, but the cable company told me that would only save me about $5 (which made little sense to me since each of the premium channels costs about $20 when you want to add them).  So anyway I have Starz and I watch Da Vinci's Demons.  In my opinon it's not great (not a show you shouldn't or can't miss)  but there's action and cool stuff and it's fun.  Unfortunately I can't discuss the show with friends because none of them get Starz.



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