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Dallas out of Thor 2

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Dallas out of Thor 2

Not reprising role

By Robert T. Trate     June 09, 2012
Source: Entertainment Weekly

Sad news, Thor fans: Not everybody from the cast can return for the much-anticipated sequel. EW has learned that Josh Dallas won’t be reprising his role as Fandral because of his commitment to ABC’s Once Upon a Time, which earned a second season pickup for fall.

“I’ll be missing out on wearing all that hair,” Dallas told EW, laughing. “The timing wasn’t right. I’m bummed about it because I had such a great experience and great time making the first film and was really excited about coming back. Marvel and Disney tried to make it work. But because of my commitment to Once Upon a Time, I was not going to be able to do both. So I’ll have to hand the reins over to someone else. I love Marvel. I wish them all the best. I will certainly be first in line to see it.

“On the other hand, I’m going back to the best job on TV,” Dallas added. “I love it and can’t wait to delve in more.”

Production on the ABC drama that also stars Ginnifer Goodwin is expected to begin next month in Vancouver. The first season ended with a “massive” cliffhanger, Dallas said, which “completely changed the whole concept of the show.”

“The curse was lifted, so we remember who we are — or at least some of us do,” he explained. “The whole chemistry of the show is changing now.”

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ElBaz13 6/9/2012 1:43:07 PM

 Sigh. It's not Marvel movie without a cast member being replaced.

What irks me is that 1) it's not like Josh will be needed for a full 90-120 shoot 2) ABC and Marvel Studios are one in the same company.

I really can't stand it when someone is replaced like this.

Wiseguy 6/9/2012 2:12:24 PM

I read the guy from Chuck would be replacing him.

I'm with you ElBaz. They could've worked around this, then again maybe the Warrior's Three are in for a beefier role now that the sequel will spend more time in Asgard according to some

wildwestie 6/9/2012 2:46:45 PM

seriously.  its sucks to see a new face in a sequel like this, even if its a minor role.  if people would realize the cash cow they are apart of, then they would work around their Marvel role, not the other way around:)

kinetoscope 6/9/2012 3:37:31 PM

Yeah... but it depends on how much he got paid for a small role in Thor or a season of O.U.A.T. (which was a fun show with a quality storyline). I would think a season of a show "should" out weigh a sequel. Plus there could be a 3rd, 4th, 5th season... How many Thor's will there be?


wildwestie 6/9/2012 4:34:21 PM

yeah, i was being sarcastic.  i was saying that because we don't want our marvel movies messed with:)

Mossy1221 6/9/2012 5:25:18 PM

 No big deal to mean.  

hanso 6/9/2012 5:36:48 PM

 NOOOOOOOO!  Not Josh Dallas!  His character was too important, his thespian skills are unparalled.  By Odin's beard why!!!!!?  Course the gods!

GothicStorm 6/10/2012 1:37:00 AM

Curse the gods, Hanso?

Yeah, the Thor cast really gelled together and was right up there with the cast of the first Iron Man. I agree that this is really strange considering ABC is owned by Disney...That makes Marvel and ABC step-brothers now. I guess we know who Disney's favorite child is still. Sorry, ESPN...maybe drop those stupid Spelling B's and you might just get your shot.

To tell you the truth, I just saw Thor a few weeks ago and didn't even connect Josh Dallas to Once Upon a Time...I'm a watcher of that show as well. I guess between his acting and my not paying close enough attention did it. (I'm certainly no TMZ buff) But yeah, I can see him making much more money in a TV series than a single movie.

vitieddie 6/10/2012 2:20:05 AM

 as long as Elba isn't replaced its cool

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