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Dan Slott brings She-Hulk to animated 'Fantastic Four'

By Jim Harvey     July 09, 2007
Source: marvel.toonzone.net

Comic writer Dan Slott has carved a niche for himself as Marvel's go-to guy for humor writing. That's largely due to his outstanding run on 'She-Hulk'. So it's gratifying that when the folks behind the 'Fantastic Four' cartoon decided to do a She-Hulk guest episode, they came to Slott. ToonZone chats with Slott about the experience:

"Chris Yost called me up, out of the blue, and wanted to know if I was interested," Slott said. "They had a place on the schedule specifically for a 'Ben Grimm gets cured and is replaced by She-Hulk' story. And he thought I was the right guy for that one. I wonder why?"

Slott also told ToonZone that the biggest challenge to creating the episode was the length.

"If they'd stuck religiously to my final outline, the episode would've run... oh... about an hour extra," Slott said. "I'm AMAZED that Chris was able to cut it down. All the key beats, favorite bits, and favorite bits of dialogue are in there. Like I said before, I'm very happy with the final version. The only thing I was sad that didn't make the cut was Squirrel Girl having her squirrels form a human pyramid. Or would that be a 'squirrel pyramid'? "

Read the complete interview for more about Slott's involvement with the 'Fantastic Four' animated show.


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