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Dance in the Vampire Bund's Ninth Manga Volume Sells Out

Second printing in production after only three weeks on the shelves

By Chris Beveridge     December 31, 2010

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Seven Seas has announced that it has sold out its entire inventory of the New York Times best selling Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 9 in only three weeks time since its initial release, and is rushing a second printing to meet the demand for the series. Volume 9 of Dance in the Vampire Bund debuted on the New York Times Manga Best Seller List at #8 (December 6-12) and moved up to #7 the following week (December 13-19). Earlier in 2010, both Dance in the Vampire Bund Vol. 7 and 8 had placed on the New York Times Manga Best Seller List with Volume 7 at #7 (May 23-29) and Volume 8 at #2 (September 26-October 2) & #9 (October 3-9).
“We’re incredibly proud of Dance in the Vampire Bund and its continued success,” said publisher Jason DeAngelis. “It’s not just the new volumes that are doing well. New readers are discovering the series every day and we’re constantly having to go back and reprint the early volumes to meet the demand.”
Dance in the Vampire Bund is an ongoing manga series that features stunning artwork and an enthrallingly original supernatural narrative about vampire queen Mina Tepes who creates a safe haven for the vampires of the world off the coast of Japan. Rival forces act at every turn to undermine the good Mina hopes to accomplish, and together with her loyal lycanthrop bodyguard Akira Kaburagi, they must stave off the enemies who wish to do Mina harm. The Dance in the Vampire Bund manga has been adapted into a hit anime series in Japan and licensed by FUNimation for North America.
In April 2011, Seven Seas will release Dance in the Vampire Bund Gaiden: Dive in the Vampire Bund, a special side-story manga that further explores the world of Vampire Bund and shows the origin of the Pied Piper virus that plays a pivital role in current volumes of the Dance in the Vampire Bund manga.

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Calibur454 12/31/2010 3:47:14 PM

This is really no big surprise to me. I'm one of the ones that managed to get a preorder in at my barnes and noble right as it was released. Maybe this will light a fire under funimations behind and get them to announce a release date for the uncut dvd series. I keep thinking october to match the halloween vibe but they could use the hellsing ultimate half season set instead and release dance during the summer. I'm only speculating on the half season sets because they discontinued the single volumes for hellsing ultimate



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