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DARK AGE OF CAMELOT goes into stage four of beta testing

Ever wonder what happened when King Arthur died?

By Troy Roberts     August 21, 2001
Source: Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment's DARK AGE OF CAMELOT has just entered it's fourth stage of beta testing, leading up to it's release in October.

"Stage three of our Beta test was a complete success," explains Mythic Entertainment President Mark Jacobs. "Now we'll really turn up the heat and several thousand more people, who are already part of our Beta program, will find the doors of Camelot open and ready to admit them."

DARK AGE OF CAMELOT takes place after the death of King Arthur, and breaks new ground in its online play mode, with three sides at war. Midgard, Hibernia, and Albion, once peaceful nations under Arthur's rule, have turned against each other and fight in the struggle for power. You will choose one of these sides in your quest.

New in the fourth beta test is: a new Guild System which features symbols that you can put on your character's cloaks, a new Trade Skill System, and an improved soundtrack. "This stage of Beta testing promises to be our most exciting to date," Jacobs continues. "With all the new features that we are adding to the game, our Beta testers will have their hands full testing them all. Plus, the best is yet to come."

For more info, check out the DARK AGE OF CAMELOT website.


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