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Swords, shields and a whole lotta fur invade SPAWN SERIES 22

By ANDREW KARDON     July 09, 2002

SKULLSPLITTER. The name says it all.
© 2002 McFarlane Toys

Forget Minnesota. If it's Vikings you want, just head down to your local toy store. Though you'd be hard pressed to find these bloodthirsty warriors battling it out over a pigskin on the 40-yard line. Uh uh. These axe-wielding fiends are the real deal. And thanks to the fine folks at McFarlane Toys, you'll soon be bringing the bloodied Norsemen home to your shelves.

DARK AGES SPAWN: THE VIKING AGE (otherwise known as the really boring sounding Spawn Series 22) is McFarlane's latest line of themed Spawn figures. This time around, the monster makers take us back to a time where men wore skinned animals on their backs, horned skulls on their heads, and had names like Yerkin the Nutbuster. Yeah, there was a lot of love back then. Scheduled to hit stores in late July, this newest line of six figures promises plenty of ferocity, betrayal, beards and sharp pointy things. (Ale sold separately.)

Any clue why he's called ERIK THE BLOODAXE?

Like any other Spawn line, plenty of research and detail went into creating these puppies. Besides taking the basic warrior idea, McFarlane's designers pushed things further towards a dark fantasy feel with each character representing a different Eldar race such as the troll, elf, dwarf, angel, hero and demonic tyrant, says McFarlane Toys Sculpting Supervisor Jean St. Jean. The design team also looked to Celtic knot motifs for decoration, and used animal totems and runic symbols on the armor to help depict the primitive mysticism of the era.

So which fur-wearing, teeth-snarling curs made the cut? Here's a quick look at the starting lineup:

Geez, this guy looks like he's been to Hell and back. Actually, he has. This time around, ol' Spawn's a Norseman called Erik Bloodaxe. Erik was a good guy, honest fighter and leader of the Bloodaxe clan. He was, that is, until he was betrayed by Jorvak the Skullsplitter (like you'd ever trust anyone with that name) and sent to the Realm of the Dead. With vengeance on his mind, Erik escaped with the help of a warrior angel named Valkerie. And hey, he comes with a bitchin' double-headed battle axe with mace.

Heaven sent and VALKERIE heard the call...

Whoa, Betty! If this be a Nordic Angel, send us off to Hel! Frankly, we're a little shocked that Bloodaxe fella wanted to up and leave this babe just so he could get some silly old revenge. This babelicious figure comes with two bitchin' heavenly scepters (c'mon, get your mind outta the gutter!) that can be joined to form a massive 9 ½" weapon. That and a short skirt will slay just about any Viking.

This psychopathic warrior is Erik's right hand...er, troll. Besides coming with a nifty crossbow and three arrows, ol' Berserkie here comes with a removable dead animal skin and all sorts of wicked body armor.

Heh. This guy's full name is Harold Bluetooth. Harold. Heh. That just sounds funny. Not tough at all. Figures he's a mercenary who'll fight for pretty much whichever side asks him first. At least his figure comes with some cool swag like a war hammer, battle shield, battle hammer and more.

This scumbag played a key part in Erik's death by tricking the hero into lowering his weapon so Jorvak could run him through. But get this, Bluetooth got so pissed off, he lopped off Dark Raider's head only to watch as a new onea beast's skull no lessgrew in its place. And hey, the figure actually comes with a removable mask and severed head so you can re-enact your favorite decapitation scene.

Yep, this here's the big bad guy. The one who killed Erik Bloodaxe and kicked the whole legend off. This guy's got all sorts of bad-ass strength and help by praying to the evil Norse god Loki. (Boooo!) He does look friggin' bad-ass though, and his figure comes with a massive shield and runic sword, as well as some funky interchangeable hands.

You can lead a horse to water...or back from the Realm of the Dead.

This deluxe package ain't shipping till September, but expect an unbelievably cool Bloodaxe figure that rides atop his bloodthirsty armored steed. Think Mr. Ed on drugs at a Metallic concert...

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