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DARK ANGEL: James Cameron's Next Project

Former X-Phile David Nutter will direct pilot for proposed TV series.

By Frank Garcia     February 03, 2000

Since the stratospheric success of his Oscar-winning 1997 film TITANIC, the name of director James Cameron has been attached to wide variety of projects in development: AVATAR, TRUE LIES 2, TERMINATOR 3, ALIEN 5, PLANET OF THE APES, Anne Rice's THE MUMMY, SPIDER-MAN. Cameron will not be involved in any of these projects except, perhaps, SPIDER-MAN, as the current screenplay by David Koepp is being fashioned from Cameron's 'scriptment.'
Now it can be confirmed that DARK ANGEL, a two-hour Fox TV pilot executive produced by James Cameron and his partner, Charles H. Eglee, along with Rae Sanchini and Stephen Sassen, is scheduled to begin filming for a month in Vancouver, Canada on March 6, 2000. DARK ANGEL is one of two known television projects that Cameron has been developing. The other is a mini-series adaptation of SF novelist Kim Stanley Robinson's MARS book trilogy.
DARK ANGEL takes place in a decadent futuristic world where an 18-year-old 'biogenetically enhanced female,' Max, is running from the government. She survives in the real world in the underground street life of San Francisco in search of her 'siblings,' who also got scattered during their escape. Helping her survive is Logan Clarke, a 'Cyberjournalist' who enlists Max's unique skills and abilities against corrupt power-brokers. Max and Logan's journeys brings them closer to the secrets of her past while complicating their relationship along the way.
In the lead role as Max is Jessica Alba, whose credits include the horror-comedy IDLE HANDS. As Logan, her close friend, is Michael Weatherly who had a role in THE LAST DAYS OF DISCO. Four other people figure prominently in Max's life: Alimi Ballard (SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH) as 'Herbal Thought,' Richard Gunn as 'Sketchy,' J.C. McKenzie (HE GOT GAME) as 'Normal,' and Jennifer Blanc as Kendra.
To helm the pilot, the producers are looking to veteran television director David Nutter. He's famous for celebrated episodes of THE X-FILES, and was also executive producer and director on Fox TV's SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND. Currently, Nutter is an executive producer on ROSWELL. His feature debut was last year's DISTURBING BEHAVIOR.
When Fandom.com contacted Nutter for comment about his latest directing gig, he was reluctant to say much, because he was still in the midst of negotiations. 'I'm looking forward to learning and to getting a chance to tell a great story,' says Nutter. 'The first thing is to complete the pilot and try and sell it and, when it's sold, figure out what the next step is.'
In ROSWELL news, Nutter reveals that 'the best episodes are still coming up. In the next three weeks, you'll see some really great episodes. I've been producing the show up until episode 16, so I think the show's in good hands. They've done a great job, and I think they'll continue to put out a great show.'


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