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DARK ANGEL, the movie?

Creator/Executive producer James Cameron discusses the possibility of a DARK ANGEL feature film

By Eric Moro     September 13, 2001

DARK ANGEL 2nd season promo poster
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While promoting the upcoming second season of his sci-fi television venture DARK ANGEL, series creator and executive producer James Cameron waxed over the idea of taking the X-FILES/STAR TREK approach to prime time television, namely spinning his property off into the feature film arena.

"I think if we have continued success with the series, there is a good possibility that we might want to make a film from it," says Cameron. "I think we've got to see where the series goes. If we grow our fan base and we stay at least where we are and/or grow from where we are, I think that's a very good possibility."

No stranger to the "fantastic" world of genre filmmaking, the helmer of such sci-fi staples as TERMINATOR, ALIENS and TRUE LIES feels that the milieu of big screen entertainment has much to offer his fledgling creation.

"I think it's a fun world," continues Cameron, "and there's a lot of things that we can do in a feature environment that we don't have the budget for in a TV environment."


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