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DARK ANGEL Season 2 Details

Actress Jennifer Blanc gives her perspective on the program's season ahead.

By Frank Kurtz     September 11, 2001

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Though she isn't specific about what lies ahead, DARK ANGEL's Jennifer Blanc knows what she would like to see happen.

While talking to SCIFI.COM, Blanc revealed, "There's been quite a few storylines being talked about [by producers]. The one that I've liked the best is Kendra being a little more difficult than she was last year, but I think Kendra's just going to end up being an informant for Eyes Only. I've talked about it with them. They kind of approached me with that idea. People seemed really upset. I think they need a reason for me being with Mr. Multiples, besides that I just fell in love with this evil cop, and I think that they want him to turn good and start becoming an informant for Michael Weatherly's character. And I think that's their reasoning for Kendra thinking this guy's really great-- ... that he becomes a good guy."

She adds, "I'm not sure, but I know that a lot more science fiction stuff all around for all of us [will happen]. I don't know how they'll involve Kendra in that. They're just getting really more hard-core into Manticore coming into the Seattle life, [Max's] meeting up with a lot more of her siblings mixing in her normal life. I'm vying for us, her friends that are regulars, to somehow get implanted with something, but these are all just things that are being thrown out there. We know in a general idea what they're talking about, but we never know until a week before we're shooting what's happening for us."


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