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Dark Horse Grabs Angelic Layer, Tokyo Babylon Manga

Ready to provide "enhanced" edition of FLCL manga as well

By Chris Beveridge     March 07, 2011
Source: MTV Geek

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The MTV Geek page has up some rather neat information for Manga fans today as they have a sit down with Dark Horse's Michael Gombos who reveals some great news. Gombos presents a good look at the company and its approach to manga, something they've had in place since their inception pretty much but he does make it clear that manga is not a substantial part of the company, but makes up less than 10% of their releases total which is obviously more than any other mainstream producing comics company and one that has solid ties to Hollywood at that for its features. Gombos indicated that they produce around eighty-five volumes a year, which is definitely much smaller than the hundreds upon hundreds that Viz Media and TOKYOPOP were regularly unleashing per year, but allows for a very different and specific approach.

Gombos talks extensively about Gantz which has been getting stellar sales, likely buoyed with the live action movie making waves over here, and the strong performance that they have for various CLAMP omnibus series. Which lead to this perfect little segue way in the middle of it with, "Later this year, we'll be releasing omnibus editions of "Tokyo Babylon" and "Angelic Layer" — and while I'm on the omnibus note, we have a amazing enhanced collected edition of the immensely popular "FLCL" coming out later this year, so keep your eyes peeled around San Diego Comic Con!"

If you're a manga fan and you want to know more about Dark Horse's approach, definitely take the time to go through the whole piece as Michael Gombos is definitely the kind of person you want to have spearheading this kind of line.

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