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Dark Horse Movie Projects

Publisher/producer Mike Richardson gives the latest word on cinematic versions of his company's publications.

By Frank Kurtz     July 17, 2001
Source: Comics2Film

Mike Mignola's HELLBOY
© 2001 Mike Mignola

In a recent interview, Dark Horse's Mike Richardson touched upon a number of long developing projects based on books published by his company. While talking to The Last Comic Site [http://www.lastcomicsite.com/], Richardson gave the following info on a number of properies:

We're working on Hellboy...right now we have Vin Diesel interested and Guillermo del Toro directing."

"[A] short time back...Paul [Chadwick] wrote another draft. We also had a draft written by a huge director, whose currently working on a project, who we believe is going to come and write a final...himself write another version of his draft, and...hopefully commit to direct the project. We have high hopes for CONCRETE."

Other projects...
"We're working on Peter Linkoff's R.I.P.D., which another script is being written right now. We have...a National Teachers Library Award winner, DARK SIDE OF NOWHERE, that we're working on with John Leakley. We probably have twenty projects in development right now."


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