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Dark Knight Moving to Pittsburgh

Christopher Nolan confirms that Pittsburgh is the location for Dark Knight Rises.

By Jarrod Sarafin     April 05, 2011
Source: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Christopher Nolan on the set of THE DARK KNIGHT
© Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Pictures and director Christopher Nolan are waving the Bat cape to the Windy City and preparing to swoop into Steeler nation for their third installment, The Dark Knight Rises. With production scheduled to begin shooting shortly, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports the director has confirmed intentions to move the shooting location to The Steel City. As part of the news piece, Nolan likewise confirmed once again that this will be his final installment in the Batman saga.

"Pittsburgh is a beautiful city," he says, "We have been able to find everything we were looking for here and I am excited to spend the summer in Pittsburgh with our final installment of Batman."

Chicago is where Nolan and Warner Bros. Pictures shot the first two installments of the recently-rebooted franchise. Check out the full story here.

The third installment stars Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Juno Temple. Writing duo David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan penned the screenplay.

The Dark Knight Rises strikes theaters July 20, 2012.

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madmanic999 4/6/2011 3:56:02 AM

Yay for pitsburg... This was all over me zite... not sure why it's such earth shattering news.

lusiphur 4/6/2011 6:30:52 AM

 I had heard earlier it was going to be Cleveland.  I can see Pittsburgh working out better.  Lots of big hills to hide the Batcave under.  May have to take a 2 hour road trip east and see if I can watch some filming.

monkeyfoot 4/6/2011 6:59:52 AM

Originally Detroit was under consideration, but the new governor there wants to axe the tax incentives for film production so Batman and The Avengers bugged out.

goldeneyez 4/6/2011 7:41:41 AM

Hung just got some of the remaining filming incentives in Michigan.  It sucks we missed out on the Avengers though.  Michigan is shedding young people at a ridiculously fast rate & cutting the incentives for the fledgling Michigan film industry sure isn't a way to motivate them to stay.

Batmite 4/6/2011 8:39:35 AM

Baltimore killed off its film industry back in the 90s when it was the number four spot in the nation.  Oh, well.

raa2001 4/6/2011 9:42:11 AM

 cool. I was living in Pittsburgh back when Tim Burton was going to film Superman there.  I even had a chance to talk to Kevin Smith about it when he was filming Dogma there.  Wish I was there to watch them or be an extra in this new Batman film.

violator14 4/6/2011 2:35:41 PM

wait Pittsburgh?? I thought Batman was set in Gotham City!?

DeeJay4ADay 4/6/2011 3:30:42 PM

Monkeyfoot... trust me when I tell you that, when it comes to Detroit and Michigan, the state's governor takes a hit every time news items like this come out. For someone who's worked in the high-tech realm, it's a bit surprising that he doesn't see the potential short and long-term ROI that comes from hosting such projects.

Goldeneyez... You're right. Also; what's most concerning to me is that, for a state that had relatively low college participation rates for such a long time, the film industry was actually producing new academic programs and  (for a short time) college graduates who were actually getting some work. While much of the work was seasonal, there was the strong likelihood that there would be an increase in the number of true, full-year production houses (of which I'm not sure there were any). Now, all of that hard work seems to have been for naught. If the proposed tax on pensions moves forward, don't be surprised if some of Michigan's seniors start fleeing the state along with the younger people.

Batmite... do people in Baltimore still talk about that, or have they simply forgotten?

decepticons2 4/6/2011 7:30:05 PM

Are the tax incentives money that the goverment gives? Or is it taxes the goverment passes on collecting? If its the first I can see a goverment being broke and not affording it. If its the second that makes no sense. So they get zero dollars because they don't film there. So really the loose nothing. And employed people have to pay taxes.

Only thing I hate about the tax incentives are, studios make tonnes of money. You don't see the execs from warner brothers pulling up to work in an old 90s sunfire. So I am not sure if they should be allowed the tax freedom they are.

aegrant 4/7/2011 6:34:15 AM

yeah Cleveland tried to get this movie but the steel city got it. But hey, we did get the Avengers. I was hoping for both - that would have made for a sweet summer of movie magic here in the Land.



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