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keithdaniel 12/13/2012 11:12:20 AM

Bmfstunner, spare us your bullsh$t!!  The fact is after you attacked Darthbob,Darthofthedead,ElBaz13, and Wiseguy starting on page 3 of this thread by calling them "morons," and calling them "the most obnoxious fanboys on this site," you then proceeded in telling them to "back off because posting braindead comments in an attempt to act humourous when all you do is embarrass yourself destroys any actual decsion that can be made."  So yes you did try to censor others so stop your lying because all you're doing is revealing yourself to be not only a hypocrite on this site but a liar and a jerk!!  You're also in no position to discuss "maturity" when you haven't acted like it yourself.  You're the one who started this to begin with and now that you've had your sorry ass handed to you by the others and now myself you're trying to take some  sort of high road.

Darthofthedead and myself are not necessarily looking to extend any arguement but to defend our position as well as the right of others to say what they like, as long as they don't break the terms and conditions of this site.  I never said that you or anyone shouldn't read ANY comments but that if you were so offended by ones critical of certain movies (in this case the Nolan Batman series) then you shouldn't read them if they were so offensive to you.  You were trying to censor others here and you had no right to do that and we're simply calling you out on that as well as we should because that is something that should offend us so spare me your foolish inference that I was being hypocritical.  If you're as mature as you think you are then you would fully admit to what you've said which is plain for all to see on page 3 of this thread and apologize to those four that you've intially insulted and tried to censor.  If you don't then you're only showing how hypocritical and phony you are!!  BTW, I'm 40 years old and I'm mature enough to know not to attack others for posting not only opinions that are different than mine but for also how they want to express them.  You obviously need to do the same so you should take your own advice about maturity!!  Now unless you have anything else to add and now that you've been justly reprimanded...we can let this go!!              

keithdaniel 12/13/2012 12:05:36 PM

Wise, when it comes to Batman/Bruce Wayne, Keaton isn't better at anything because I believe he was extremely miscast in that role.  For starters, and if you want to get into the comics, how can you endorse Keaton as Batman when he was WAY, WAY, too small for the role?  (Last time I checked Batman/Bruce Wayne was a fairly big man both in stature and muscle).  He never brought any depth to the character but that's not entirely his fault when he had a director like Tim Burton who was obviously more concerned with the visuals than the story as well as a lackluster script that never gave him a chance to fully explore the role more thoroughly.  Unlike Bale who had amazing scripts to work with from Batman Begins to The Dark Knight, and to a lesser extent The Dark Knight Rises but still I thought the latter was fairly good.  The Nolan Batman series, despite not being in the DCU still gave us so much more insight into Batman's character, including not only his origin but how he got there pychologically and by doing so gave us much more empathy for him.  Another issue I had with the Burton Batman, is how can a number of characters including photographer Vicky Vale and the reporter Alexander Knox not recognize someone like Bruce Wayne if he's so reknowned?  It was a foolish oversight and the writers should've known better.

Wise, you're somewhat mistaken about the JN Joker being the most dominant version in the comics when history has shown otherwise!  I admit that I haven't read every Batman comic but from what I've learned the JN version of the Joker only started appearing in the Silver Age (due in part because of the rise of the Comic Code Authority) and was fairly common during the Adam West tv series era as well and for some time after that.  The Joker originated in the Golden Age and was a fairly straightforward homicidal maniac who killed on a whim.  In 1973, he was brought back to his roots and Frank Millar has done the Joker in a very dark way much more aligned with the HL Joker.  Speaking of the HL Joker, I felt that not only did he do a MUCH, MUCH superior acting job than JN, but the HL version was a better version because he was darker, more unpridictable, and much scarier.  I also liked how uncertain his background is in terms of his origin, it brought an air of mystery to him that contributed to making him so much more interesting.  JN played the Joker, while HL became the Joker!!

lazarus 12/14/2012 12:44:35 AM

I personally liked both Jokers and think they were each a good interpretation of the character. Burton's world was much more aligned to the comics and his Joker would not have worked in Nolan's world. Thus the HL was a better fit.

Batman? I loved both Keaton and Bale. And the stupidity about Keaton not being "big enough". If you look at actual physical stats there is NO ONE that could play the character short of a bodybuilder. And on top, people that big are not that fast so having a lead that is huge but swift as hell. Yeah not happening. I get that Keaton was not ripped, Bale was in better physical shape by far. But I like Keaton's demeanor as Bats but the fighting style and combat Bale hands down.

Oh and a shout out to Adam West who will always be the godfather of Batmen. "Get me some Bat Shark Repellent Robin".

DarthoftheDead 12/14/2012 9:00:20 AM

 Wow, Keithdaniel! Remind me to never get you annoyed with me, lol.

You hit the nail on the head with that one, Sir, and I'm onboard.

Case Closed........

DarthoftheDead 12/14/2012 9:01:25 AM

 You Fella's know what???

EIBaz got one hell of a point there, lol.

keithdaniel 12/14/2012 12:19:43 PM

Lazarus, it's not stupid to point out Keaton's lack of size in playing Batman/Bruce Wayne since that character is supposed to be about 6'2, 215-220 according to the DCU Encyclopedia.  Saying that Keaton wasn't ripped for the role is an understatement.  I'm not saying that the actor playing Batman had to be a bodybuilder because I'm not saying that he has to look exactly like the comics but should at least be somewhat big, ripped, and tall (IMO at least 6 feet), and obviously Bale had the look much closer to what that role called for.

Darthofthedead, believe it or not I don't hate Bfmstunner, I just hate what he did and thought it was important to call him out on that.  However, like you and the others here, I'm moving on from it and will let bygones be bygones.  I appreciate your words and I hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday as well my friend!!   

axia777 12/15/2012 4:09:58 PM

I did not like this movie either but it was mot horrible crap. I give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It was drawn out and slow for me. Bane was a joke. The fact that they tossed in Talia at the end as a surprise twist was so lame it hurt my eyes to watch it. No, it was not a great movie. Again, Bale as Batman was the best thing out of all of it and we got precious little of that either. A Batman movie is little to no Batman i it. Imagine that.

I stand by the idea that this movie was tossed together at the last minute so to speak. Heath died. The Joker was so obviously going to be in the third movie looking at the ending of the second. Nolan and company shit a brick when Heath killed himself. They had to come up with a new idea and they fumbled it. I don;t really blame then to much in reality. I kind of feel sorry for them.


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