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ddiaz28 12/3/2012 12:26:32 PM
It's a cloud based version of the film that you can stream to your computer or devices as far as I understand it. It might be useful if you like watching films through your computer but I think it completely limits when and where you can watch it. I'd much rather have a digital copy on my hardrive that I can throw on my iPad and take anywhere and watch anytime.
keithdaniel 12/3/2012 1:42:14 PM
Kimberly, you have great taste!!
millean 12/3/2012 3:49:38 PM
Ultraviolet is the devil and must be destroyed...

That is all.

millean 12/3/2012 3:56:20 PM
Actually, you can download an Ultraviolet movie and store it in your flixster app, and watch it whenever. It is just not obviously apparent that you can do that. Ultraviolet forces you to watch it that way, and not in a standard location so you can have all of your digital copies in one place and watch them the same way. That would be just a crazy idea, wouldn't it?

Just give me the opportunity to download the movie and convert it into any format that I want, is all that I ask. If I paid for it, let me have it. All of this thinking that you should stream a movie anytime you want to watch it is a load of total BS.

OK, rant is over. I'm going to go watch the Dark Knight Rises now, maybe that will make me feel better. :)
hanso 12/3/2012 4:29:46 PM

 Ok, people hate on UV.  Why the hell do studios use it?  Damn you studios!

TheRiffs 12/3/2012 4:32:37 PM

Hold on they are having deleted scenes of Bane training and wearing a prototype mask right?

shac2846 12/3/2012 4:44:44 PM

Christmas come early tomorrow. I'm picking up the trilogy boxed set but WB already has a special collectors edition trilogy of the Nolan Batfilms on their release schedule next year. Oh well. I don't splurge often.  

VTGamehendge 12/3/2012 7:13:14 PM

I liked the movie, but really got distracted by the plot holes.  I mean, I get that it's a movie and not REALITY, but how do you hide a big flying "Bat" in an alley?  And how does someone break his back, recuperate, and escape a prison in India, or wherever the hell it was, and make it back to Gotham all in less than a month?

TALIS 12/3/2012 9:04:42 PM

Wes and Darth.... why the hate for this? I don't understand how it is that when you have a creative genius like Chris Nolan and a very competant cast of actors, special effects artists, sound technicians, and so on, make a brilliant movie with a lot of thought and care put behind it, and then see people sit back in their ivory towers and wax about how awful a thing the product was... Really? Seriously? If you're going to say stuff like that I'd like to hear some real constructive critique as to why you think they failed. At least VTgame gave some explaination for his distaste. (And yes VT I agree about the quick broken back healing issue.)

However, dispite some of the issues of the movie, I thought it concluded the trilogy greatly. Perfect ending. I'd say one of the best trilogies ever. .... Lord of the Rings being the best.

Wiseguy 12/4/2012 5:38:34 AM

I was going to buy this to use as coasters but I like quality coasters

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