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DarthBob 12/4/2012 6:32:20 AM asked for it. Robin John Blake...seriously? Dumb, stupid and obtuse, nuff said on that. Batman is the greatest detective in the world and didn't know that Miranda Tate is Talia? Give me a break. John Blake knows Bruce Wayne is Batman because he can see it in his eyes? HAHA, DUMB! I guess the high plains drifter voice Bats uses didn't throw off ole RJB. Bane's garbled fast food drive through window voice was ridiculous. How does Bane's mask allow him eat the 5000 calorie/day diet it would take to maintain that supposed massive physique? The pain without his mask would be debilitating in order to consume that much food. Bane has no super powers in Nolan's world yet can punch through a rebar reinforced concrete pillar without breaking every bone in his hand. All the cops in Gotham go underground at the same time. No wonder Gotham has such a crime problem, the cops and their bosses are a bunch of morons. Nothing beats third world prison chiropractic medicine; got a bulging disc in your back, no problem; just get your bunk mate to punch it back in place. Then it heals in record time so that BW can do a Michael Jordanesque jump to freedom, even on your bum leg than needs a legatron device so that BW can manage to walk properly. Bats doesn't defeat either villain, Catwoman blows up Bane and Talia bites it in a car wreck. Lame! Oh, Talia dies in the car wreck but Gordon doesn't; haha, that's funny. They reduce Bane to nothing more than Talia's cooley henchman. Yawn. The Bat is pure crap. The prison Bats was in was supposed to be a hell hole yet he received quality healthcare, no one making him into Bubba's hoe and he had satellite TV to watch to pass the time. Seriously? The reactor is a fusion reactor and wouldn't give off a signature above background radiation and yet they are able to track it; real visionary and realistic. Hey Nolan, it is spelled heist and not hiest. Real attention to detail there Mr. Visionary Director. Cops are stuck in the sewers for months then they all look they just got up that morning for work, all clean shaven and nicely pressed uniforms. Alfred would never, ever walk out on Bruce Wayne. And my number one beef, Bruce Wayne never stops being Batman, ever. And yet Nolan wussifies him into a moping recluse sitting around feeling all guilty about Rachel and Harvey, give me a friggin' break Nolan. Bats 1 and 2 were good; Nolan destroyed the Batman mythos with TDKR and made a lousy movie. Also, I could go on forever about how much this movie blows chunks as I haven't even scratched the surface here. I agree with wise, this DVD isn't even worthy of serving as a coaster.

redhairs99 12/4/2012 8:15:38 AM

 VTG, I agree there's plot holes, but the back recovery is not one of them.  It's clearly stated that at least 6 months have passed.  That's the time given for the bomb to explode and that's the timeline on Bruce's recovery.

TALIS 12/4/2012 10:01:29 AM

Darth, I did ask for it, and thank you for your feedback. Here are my thoughts....

Robin... what would you prefer they named him? It is Batman and Robin correct?

Actually, after reading the rest of what you wrote, I'll simply say thanks for the feedback. You're a hater through and through. Why do you even watch movies? Give a little leeway, like so what if the cops were clean shavin.... and maybe you'd enjoy the movie just a bit. You're looking for things to deconstruct, doesn't sound like much fun.

rogue188 12/4/2012 12:50:10 PM

DarthBob, did you never read the Dark Knight Returns? Or even the Knightfall and and more recent storyline where Dick took over the cowl? Come on dude, Bruce took a break from being Batman quite a few times in continuity.

Also, everyone seems to hate on the whole breaking of the back thing. The doctor in the Pit said he had a dislocated disc in his spine. That is not a broken back. Of course the recovery time would be marginally longer for a normal person, but this is Batman....

keithdaniel 12/4/2012 2:22:56 PM
As far as how the Bat can remain hidden in an alley...there is something known as stealth.
lazarus 12/4/2012 3:40:48 PM

I wonder if the doctor in the Pit takes Obamacare? And yeah I noticed the cops were all clean shaven and had access to showers/toilets in the sewer. Wait. Maybe they went in the sewers...:)

Also did it not rain at all during those 6 months? Because if it does then the drainage from the rain goes....where? The sewers and rain runoff paths are all blocked.

I wonder if they could get back to a Batman that was more detective like the Burton version. At least they addressed that aspect of the character. They did in the first film but gave up on it in the later ones. I was curious about the lack of use in gadgets in the last movie. He is out fighting groups of thugs and doesn't use the shadows and tactics he used in the first two movies.

hanso 12/4/2012 4:23:41 PM

 A detective like the Burton version?  Whatchu talking about Willis?

hanso 12/4/2012 4:34:45 PM

 Is it cause he figured out what product Joker tainted?  He did more than that in Nolan's version.

Bmfstunner 12/4/2012 5:12:21 PM

It's always the same four morons, I see posting anything Batman related on this site. DarthBob, Darth of the Dead, ElBaz, and Wiseguy. I swear you guys are the most obnoxious fanboys I've ever seen on this site.

You constantly blast the film because you don't like it, thanks we got it the first hundred times, you don't care for Nolan's Bat. Let it go already. There's something to be said when a bunch of 40 years old are popping on to a site and acting as juvenile as a bunch of 10 years old, let me break it down for you. You don't like it? Fine, good for you, but back off because posting brain dead comments in the attempt to act humorous when all you do is embarass yourself destroys any actual decsion that can be made.

Here's a plot hole for you, Jackass, since I know you love The Avengers like it's the Bible. Explain to me how The Black Widow can jump and grab a moving vehicle with her arm without doing any damage? No Dislocation? No Separation? Hell, even in Blade, when Snipes grabs the back of a Subway train, he dislocates his arm and he's half Vampire. Isn't The Widow, just a human assassin? Yet, the laws of physics do not apply to her? There's a plothole for you, now take your bloated head and stick up your ass since your so opinionated.

I saw this site convert from Cinescape to Mania and not once have I seen a bunch of witless fanboys irk people because they want to shove their opinion down your throat til your full of their own BS.

TALIS 12/4/2012 7:20:07 PM

Bmfstunner....  I remember when this site was Cinescape too. I just recently started posting though because I just couldn't keep my mouth shut any longer. Hanso... agreed, nothing about Batman needs to be reminiscent of Burton's version.

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