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Dark Knight Rises Clip - The Bat

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Dark Knight Rises Clip - The Bat

Not a Trailer or a TV Spot

By Robert T. Trate     July 12, 2012
Source: Warner Brothers

In this clip, Lucius Fox introduces Bruce Wayne to his new toy "The Bat." Thankfully this is not another trailer, TV Spot, or cell phone only trailer. 

The epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Series lands in theaters on July 20th, 2012. 


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hanso 7/12/2012 3:27:33 AM

 The new EW is about TDKR.  Check it out, its got Batman and Bane in the cover.  

xJokersxWildx 7/12/2012 6:41:16 AM

BANE MUST BREAK THE BAT ! haha hehehe whhooooo

samurai1138 7/12/2012 7:45:03 AM

 What's with the stupid limp? He supposed to be Kaiser Wayne or something? I love Batman and I really dig Bale, but I can't wait for this shitty trilogy to end. Hard plastic Bat cowl my ass. Somebody please give me the blue and greys before I die. 

millean 7/12/2012 7:48:40 AM

Joker: "Where does he get such wonderful toys..."

Lucius: "From the spare parts pile in the corner of my basement, fool.  I mean come on, you are literally dressed like a fool."




shac2846 7/12/2012 7:51:37 AM

 He limps because he fell off a building in the last one. Can't f#@* waint to see this. 

ElBaz13 7/12/2012 8:03:26 AM

Is there a Batcave in this movie? I hated the fact that TDK did not have the Batcave. What's a Batman movie/cartoon without it?

Sure, everyone will say "no Batcave because it was destroyed in Begins"

Well, they should have never destroyed it in the first place.

hanso 7/12/2012 8:13:01 AM

 Yes there is a batcave in this one.  Its suppose to have elements from the batbunker in TDK.  

ElBaz13 7/12/2012 8:27:58 AM

Cool. I'm glad to see the cave again.


shac2846 7/12/2012 9:04:10 AM

 Hey Hanso is that EW issue out on newstands now? 

VTGamehendge 7/12/2012 9:28:56 AM

Aww, that sly Lucius FOX!  Trying to lure Batman out of retirement. 

And I've been wondering where Bane and Friends acquired their Tumblers.  I noticed two of them in that clip and maybe a third back there hiding behind a column.  There are a lot of rumors about who lives and who dies in this final chapter.....

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