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Dark Knight Rises IMAX Footage

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Dark Knight Rises IMAX Footage

By Robert T. Trate     April 24, 2012
Source: Cinema Blend

Christopher Nolan is clearly one of the biggest supporters of IMAX, having shot long portions of The Dark Knight in the format and establishing it as a viable alternative to 3D as a way to get moviegoers into theaters to see something they can't find anywhere else. And we've been promised for a while that the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises would make even more extensive use of the technology, but I don't think anyone realized until now that Nolan would actually be setting records in the process.

As part of a piece on the rise of IMAX in narrative, studio filmmaking The Wall Street Journal reports that more than an hour of The Dark Knight Rises will be in IMAX, the most IMAX footage ever for any Hollywood feature, and 20 minutes more than we found in The Dark Knight. Of all the features that will show up on IMAX screens this summer, the Batman sequel is the only one actually shot using IMAX cameras. The article also includes Nolan dismissing the idea that it would be too difficult to shoot using the bulky IMAX cameras.

“There was a huge irony that we were told it would be too difficult to shoot a Hollywood movie on IMAX when we had this gigantic camera department, grips, electric, hundreds of people working for us. These were cameras that had been to the top of Mount Everest, to the bottom of the ocean and into outer space, but people thought we couldn't make a feature film. It was absurd."

Of course, those cameras didn't really run the risk of Catwoman’s stunt double crashing into them on top of Mount Everest, but I suppose every job comes with its own kind of risks.

If you caught the brief preview of The Dark Knight Rises that appeared on IMAX screens back in December, you've already gotten a taste of how well Nolan will be using the format this time, and how immersive that giant screen can be when setting up elaborate action sequences or even introducing you to a villain as intimidating as Bane. And in the wake of Mission: Impossible-- Ghost Protocol, which used IMAX cameras to turn the Burj Khalifa climbing sequence into a roller coaster, we all remember exactly how powerful the effect can be. 

The Dark Knight Rises opens July 20th 2012.

Thanks to Chopsaki for the submission.


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violator14 4/24/2012 8:53:24 AM

Ok, i think i was like the first one to dare say Avengers would beat TDKR in box office #'s on some article a while back and may have inadvertantly started an interegalactic war between the 2 universes. But even I'm getting sick and tired of seeing these Avengers vs TDKR arguments! So please stop the madness!! ..... The line must be drawn heeeyyaaahh!!


jedibanner 4/24/2012 8:58:18 AM

ahh, IMAX, the only way to see movies (as oppose to the kiddy 3D way).

aegrant 4/24/2012 9:04:55 AM

I would love to see some of these commercial movies in IMAX but here in Cleveland the only IMAX theatre (at the Great Lakes Science Center) shows strictly educational movies and I'm not driving all the way to Columbus to see one.

Wiseguy 4/24/2012 9:18:46 AM

Love I-Max. Another thing we can also thank Avatar for was the great build up of I-Max screens prior to and since its release.

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 4/24/2012 9:28:39 AM

The only thing with the IMAX thing on TDK was that the screen changed after the IMAX part was over. I hope they find a better way to do that. At least I think it did.

DarthBob 4/24/2012 9:36:01 AM

I'm still not willing to fork over the extra cash to see a movie in IMAX since what I have seen to date has been very underwhelming in that format; a crappy movie is still a crappy movie in 2D, 3D, IMAX, 48fps, 60fps, etc.  Maybe I'll give TDKR a go in the IMAX format since there will be extensive footage shot in that format. 

hanso 4/24/2012 9:43:20 AM

 this is some bs, from the headline i thought there was some footage to see.  damn u trate, damn u and your evil ways.  

middlerealm 4/24/2012 10:56:51 AM

I don't know what ticket prices in the US are like in relation to standard versus IMAX, but for some reason in my IMAX (Glasgow, Scotland) the ticket prices are only barely different. In some cases, IMAX has been slightly cheaper. Every movie I see now, I go to the IMAX if possible.

shac2846 4/24/2012 11:35:25 AM

 It's not IMAX it's the IMAX 3d prices that will kick you in the balls, 16 bucks a ticket. Went to get my Avengers tickets last night didn't want to see it in 3d but didn't have any showetimes on the 4th I could make for 2d so I had to eat it. Figured if I was going to have to see it in 3d might as well be IMAX. I'll wait to see Spider-Man and Prometheus in the format because they were shot in 3d but damn. Really excited to see TDKR in IMAX TDK was my first IMAX experience and it was awesome. 

littlemikey979 4/24/2012 12:59:18 PM

Maybe I just don't see enough movies in the theater and IMAX. But I really can't tell the difference. And the thought going through my head when I sit down to see this opening night is not going to be, I sure am glad Nola shot this in IMAX. I am not knocking his decision to shoot it that way, but I guess its for the more refined movie goers.

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