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Dark Knight Rises International TV Spot

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Dark Knight Rises International TV Spot

Which brings it to 11 TV spots

By Robert T. Trate     July 06, 2012
Source: Total Film.com

The Dark Knight Rises has released a new TV spot (yes, another one) online, featuring a couple of new snippets of dialogue among the familiar crash-bang-wallop of Bane's appetite for destruction.

The latest spot puts the focus on Bruce Wayne's relationship with his two closest confidantes, Alfred and Lucius Fox. It's the latter who gets a couple of additional lines, attempting to pique Bruce's interest by showing him the latest developments from Wayne Industries.
That said, Alfred also gets some new dialogue, querying whether Bruce is really ready to go back into the fray after so long out of the game. The film is set eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, after all.
Thanks to Chopsaki for the submission.


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ElBaz13 7/6/2012 7:57:17 AM

It's going to be a crazy box office race dominated by comicbook movies.

Avengers 600 million. Spidey is estimated to hit 150 million by Sunday. TDKR will no doubt snag 150 million in its opening weekend as well. Give or take final tally for Spidey is 300 million and TDKR is 450-500 million, that means the box office is dominated by comicbook characters by taking 1 billion combined in domestic.

A summer with DC's A-lister, Marvel's A-lister and a top notch super team movie and this will make it the best comic book movie summer ever! It's too bad Supes didn't open this summer as well.

I thought I read an article a few months ago where an actor or director (can't remember who) was dissing comicbook movies and saying they were ruining the industry. Well, whoever that guy was, he's getting a steady paycheck for his art house films produced by the same studios profiting from these comicbook movies. Was it Russell Crowe?



DarthoftheDead 7/6/2012 8:27:05 AM

Just as long as Avengers beats TDKR, I'll be happy, lol....cause Cretins Especially Obtuse needs a lesson in humility.......lol

Mythos 7/6/2012 8:29:06 AM

it would be ironic if it was Russell Crowe cause he is going to be portraying Jor-el in the next superman lol

ElBaz13 7/6/2012 8:42:40 AM

It might not have been Crowe then. I think it was an actor who was never in comic book movies. Sean Penn?

Argh! it's bugging me now.

hanso 7/6/2012 8:48:15 AM

 There is some good stuff on the movie on the official website under the About the Film section.  Then check the production notes.

ElBaz13 7/6/2012 8:52:43 AM

An Easter Egg?

hanso 7/6/2012 8:57:28 AM

 Easter egg?  No, just stuff on TDKR like, costume design, the actors/director talking, fight choreography etc.  Some spoilersh stuff in there.  Lot of stuff has already been released before but it was still cool to read.  Lots of info.

millean 7/6/2012 9:30:56 AM

Still avoiding any more TDKR stuff.  It's hard, but I'm coping...  :)

I've already got my Nolan Trilogy tickets for Jul 19/20, plus going again with some friends on Saturday.  Can't wait for it to get here.

And Darth, do you really think  he'll learn a lesson?  Please.

I originally predicted TDKR to out perform Avengers, but admit that it is a long shot now.  I always predicted Avengers having the better opening weekend, but TDKR would have longer legs.  Will be fun to watch it play out, but I don't really mind who wins as long as both do well.


DarthoftheDead 7/6/2012 9:54:34 AM

@millean - Thank you, Sir! See, at least you admit the possibilty, and I agree, either way its gonna be fun!!!

I love Batman as much as the next rabid fan but this new movie totally makes me think of Batman&Robin or Spiderman 3........if I'm wrong I'll admit it and not sulk and hide..........

Are you going to catch the triple feature, millean?

DarthoftheDead 7/6/2012 10:13:33 AM

oops, sorry millean, enjoy the Trilogy, Sir!!!!

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