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ElBaz13 7/18/2012 6:01:23 PM

If anyone wants to see another recreated TDKR trailer, go to the Hub. They have a Batman TAS marathon over the weekend, Bane-centric episodes. They recreated the TDKR trailer using clips from TAS and changing the lines (although Bats still sounds like Kevin Conroy)

It also reminds how Batman TAS was the best Batman ever.


monelonmonday 7/18/2012 8:49:14 PM

just got back from seeing darkknight rises,while it was really good i think it could of been more,anne hathaway did a good job,tom hardy was 50/50 and i dont think his voice fit,and nolans got some good stuff for you guys,dont stay aftercredits theres nothin there unless they add it for regular release,and i didnt get the supes trailer damn was looking forward to that

alienstatue 7/19/2012 12:00:46 AM

But that's the whole point! Bale has said on multiple occasions in interviews that he approaches Batman as a monster within Bruce. He's not just hiding Bruce's voice by making it deeper, he's channeling the monster within Bruce. If someone told me, "Let the monster out in your voice", it would sound mental. It wouldn't just sound a little deeper.

A few lines in the parody were pretty funny.

Quote from Bale, "...The reason he dresses in the Batman suit is that he feels monstrous, so he creates a monster to represent that rage and keep it away from his own personal life."

Shuggy 7/19/2012 1:25:57 AM

 Very good but I love the 60's robin and dark knight clip on YouTube 

hanso 7/19/2012 1:54:12 AM

 This was just ok, like bestir world said, the TDK interrogation parody was much better.

ElBaz, It's not bat fans.  It's crazy comic book fans, or just plain assholes.  When avengers released the same thing happened on RT with the first few negative reviews, and death threats were made.  At that time RT didn't shutdown the comments.  Apparently RT is worried the same will happen with The Hobbit.  Mofos out there take things too seriously.

ElBaz13 7/19/2012 6:02:02 AM

Ah yes. Then it's not necessarily the Bat fans then. Just the no life-18 hours a day on World of Warcraft- parent-basement-dwelling 30 year olds.

I get it. And yes, I could see the hate coming at a critic that pans The Hobbit.

Getting excited for TDKR Hanso?

MrEt 7/19/2012 6:13:28 AM

The whole stopping of reviews on RT has me worried.

With Bale's voice and Bane's mask maybe the movie should be subtitled.

@ Hanso; I agree that some people will always take things to far, it's enough to make Cesar Romero shave.

hanso 7/19/2012 7:09:55 AM

 Baz, getting?  Been excited since day 1 :)  Btw, dont know if you read but RT is thinking about changing their entire comment system because of what happened and may even turn it off for good.  i hope they dont.  i know its wrong but i do enjoy people going apeahit on reviewers.  they comme up with some funny stuff.

ElBaz13 7/19/2012 7:26:21 AM

I get a good chuckle at the comments too. Especially the insults. But death threats draw the line.

I'm not as excited over this one compared to Avengers (being more a Marvel guy) but I'm still going to see it this weekend as I'm going on vacation Sunday. If I don't go see it now, I will end up seeing it too late and see lots of internet spoilers and stuff. Plus I'm curious to see how this will end.

My ticket and seat reserved for Saturday morning! (yeah, i'm a loser going by myself but the wife and kids don't want to see it)

Just for the hell of it, I checked the local theatres here with reserved seating yesterday and the they are pretty much sold out during prime time Friday and Saturday night, except the occasional one seat here and there. My 11:15 am showing on Saturday morning is empty. :)

DarthoftheDead 7/19/2012 7:29:53 AM

 Now somewhere in the black depths of space...there lived a young boy named Rocket Racoon.......


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