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violator14 7/19/2012 1:46:51 PM

@Higgy & Darth of the Dead- I had the same question about the Batman/2face thing. Why not just blame the Joker or his henchmen?! But someone made me realize it's cuz Batman is not the badguy, he's the good guy. And good guys dont blame other people for something they didn't do. Cuz in reality Batman did kill 2face by pushing him over the building. He's not gonna be like, "Uhhh... let's put this on the Joker..." (in a Christian Bale batvoice). So he's gonna take the fall for it like he should, but at the same time he wanted to make sure Harvey didn't come off as a psychotic MF for those various reasons.

DarthBob 7/19/2012 3:46:47 PM

 @mone...nope, bummed!

Betenoire 7/19/2012 3:58:56 PM

-Violator Which would work, except in the very same film rather than stand up and admit to being Batman Wayne let Dent become a target when he claimed he was he either had a change of heart or Nolan was hoping that if he threw out enough flash people would be distracted (kind of like the trick that Wayne is shown in the first movie during training). 

And wasn't Alfred's big speach about not being a hero but rather becoming a symbol, which Batman then threw away at the end of the film (if he did retire after TDR) cause Batman to ignore the meaning of that speach? 

-sharc I don't care about any sort of "win" between Batman or Avengers. I didn't work on either film or write for either comic- maybe some others wrapped themselves up in this like some odd sort of sports team thing but I just hope to see an entertaining movie.

violator14 7/19/2012 4:13:45 PM

Well he was on the verge of admitting he was Batman, but Dent suddenly said he was Batman which completely threw off Wayne. Harvey knew the value of having the real Batman around to take on the Joker. Bruce later realizes this and that he may be onto something in catching the Joker in which they did. But of course the Joker had outsmarted both of them, which really isnt their fault.

And i dont think he retires after the TDK. I think he "retires" after Bane kicks his ass and he is pretty much crippled with a cane.

InnerSanctum 7/19/2012 4:17:12 PM

 Harry on AICN disliked the DKR film.  He loved Snow White and the Huntsman.  There you go...means it is a great movie.   

hanso 7/19/2012 4:17:58 PM

 I was just watching Batman Begins and realized King Joffrey is in it.

InnerSanctum 7/19/2012 4:18:15 PM

 I couldn't help myself.  I read some spoilers.  And, the end.  I think the ending will divide most.  

hanso 7/19/2012 4:19:18 PM

Due why didn't u hold out.  The movie opens in a few hrs.

InnerSanctum 7/19/2012 4:22:45 PM

@ElBaz  I have to agree.  Nolan, love his work, has had some weak performances from his female leads in the past two Bat films.  

InnerSanctum 7/19/2012 4:24:50 PM

 Well, I don't think it will ruin anything for me.  It is a rather predictable ending.  What I would have guessed.  I know the ending to TDK, but it never takes away the fun when I watch it.  ; )  I do know that they will probably go a whole other direction with the next Bat film.  They have to if Superman will be in the same world.  

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