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Dark Myth

Before the age of man, warring gods of ancient legend shook theivery Earth to its foundation with their might. Now these prehistoric rivals from Japan's past are fighting to preserve their secrets in the present day.

Cast from the High Celestial Plane to the shadows of the underworld, the chaotic God of Darkness, Susanoh-oh, lies sleeping. now is the time of his rebirth. But the harbinger of his coming have not gone unnoticed.

Agents of the Kikuchi clan - direct descendants of Japan's first inhabitants - have witnessed the warning signs of the swelling darkness and hurriedly prepare to face it. Armed only with arcane knowledge andia handful of occult artifacts, the team of investigators must combat theiassembled spirits of hell to find one young boy chosen by fate to grapple with the destructive might of the deadly gods.

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Region 1 - North America

Dark Myth by Manga Entertainment