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Dark Tower: Nothing to Discuss Yet...

5/11/2011 9:18:52 PM permalink

This is going out to all those Maniacs who want to whip me for not covering the latest sensational news regarding The Dark Tower.

I'm sorry but "sensational" is all it is..I don't consider it news. Please understand that The Dark Tower isn't set for a release until May 2013. Say that with me for those in the backrow...MAY 2013!

At the moment, there is no cast. There's no sets being built. Production wasn't even scheduled to begin until later this year.

So there's nothing to "HALT".

Every studio has to go through financing issues early into nearly every film's early pre-production days. Something as huge as adapting Stephen King's The Dark Tower series into a trilogy and TV series is no different.

If for some reason, the finances haven't been worked out by this summer or by its "planned" production debut, then it might be considered news worthy.

Until then, I just consider the whole thing a bunch of nonsense and filler.

Feel free to lynch me for those beliefs though.

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