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littlemikey979 4/13/2012 1:26:26 PM

This sounds like exactly what I expect from a direct to video movie. Which makes me wonder. When you guys are handing out Mania Grades is there a curve for DTVs? It would seem fair that there would be. Just curious. I do think I'll grab this from the Redbox this weekend though.

tjanson 4/13/2012 3:59:07 PM

Mikey  this was not direct to video. the Esteemed Rob Vaux reviewed the theatrical release in December

Hobbs 4/16/2012 7:11:46 AM

I was surprised to see the grade you gave it because this is an F minus in my book and possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life but I suppose if there was one good thing I could say about Darkest Hour is that the special effects were good.  Dont know if they were good enough to move to a C grade but they were impressive for the most part.  However, that can't make up for a horrible and I mean horrible freaking script.  There is an outside chance I would have liked this movie when I was 13 years old be even then I like to think I had more taste than this.

JDK008 4/16/2012 1:16:32 PM

 One of the worst movies I've ever seen! The plot is garbage, it's as if they asked 6th graders to think of suggestions for this movie. Emile Hirsch must have been desperate. F minus in my opinion.



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